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    Holy Priest Heroic 10 Spine HPS Help~

    Hello fellow priesties~ This is purely a HPS help because I want to rank and I want to know what I am doing differently from those that are ranked up there.

    On WOL, the non 8-9min fights range from 27-30k HPS, some are 2 healed and some are 3. I looked at the 3 healed ones and they were still possible of doing 28k+ HPS. Most of them use the Greater Heal spam and some are POH spam (rare).

    At first I tried using the renewing everyone strat and refresh it with Serenity and just switch to Sanc for roll/9 stacks/Divine Hymn's but then I saw the high ranked logs mostly use Greater Heal as their #1 healed spell. So then I switched to see if I would do better, but came out around the same =/.

    My Priority is this:
    - Sanc for roll/9stacks, Serenity for the rest
    - POM, COH (if overheal), Serenity on cd
    - I do 2 Greater Heal on the serenity (on searing targets)
    - Renew when Serenity is on cd

    Reforged to max spirit and the rest to mastery.

    Of course I'm not letting everyone die just to do rank. I know ranking isn't everything but I do want to try to push my HPS higher.
    At the moment the highest I can do is around 22- 24k at the moment without time warp (not sure if that even matters) and the last divine hymn on 3rd open 2nd tendon.

    Logged out in Holy Spec and gear: Armory

    Logs for the wipes: World of Logs

    Any tips/help? What am I doing differently/wrong? (besides the fact that I had shadow glyphs..)

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    first thing I noticed, you have shadow glyphs on ^_^

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    oh shit............... shouldn't make a huge difference right.... ._.
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    hello :3

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    5 more charges on lightwell, prayer of healing heals additional 20% over 6 seconds ... circle of healing hits 1 additional target, 1st charge of prayer of healing heals for an additional 60% ... 50% more out of lightwell (if people use it up before it expires), 20% increase to PoH and CoH

    I'd say those could make a bit of a difference
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    Firstly, I only Shadow this fight, so take my advice with a grain of salt.

    As said above, replace your glyphs. I think Renew and Lightwell, with the 3rd being your choice depending on playstyle/needs. Get CoH glyph also, and the Dispel Magic one if you ever need to dispel (though I assume this job is not assigned to you if you are going for rankings). Probably the best time to Hymn is during each roll. If you have a Blood DK or Feral, get them to use the 4 set during this time for bonus heals (though you may also need a damage mitigation CD as well, just to prevent anyone with the debuff from dropping too low). Make sure people use Lightwell when they are not topped off, so that it doesn't overheal.

    Talent wise, you could possibly switch some around to get more throughputIf you are spamming renew, you should probably grab the rapid renewal talent at the cost of mana. Such as, removing points from Twin Disciplines or Veiled Shadows and putting them into Darkness and Rapid Renewal (especially if you Renew spam). This will depend on how well you can manage your mana though. Make sure to heal yourself if Blessed Resilience procs, whoever you use Guardian Spirit on, and anyone else that has bonus healing received (though make sure to not overheal).

    Aside from that, I can't help you much with the Renew/GH options, as I'm not sure which is best.

    Just remember though, you don't get ranks for wipes, so make sure that your group can down the fight before thinking of individual ranks. Good luck.

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    Thanks I know you don't get ranked in wipes. I have tried rapid renewal before but it seems like it drained my mana faster than it helped. I am already in a tight mana situation even though i'm already popping fiend on the first amal with power torrent And the glyphs were just a mistake =S Have to switch specs 5 times a week >.<
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    I'm comparing a couple of your attempts with some of my kills to gauge some differences in spell usage.

    Divine Hymn: Your DH seems to be lower than it should be. You have about a 37-40 second uptime on it, and do only 1.4-1.6mil healing total from it. Glancing at my own logs, I do 2.3-2.4mil from DH with about a 42-43 second uptime (one at 2mil with a 33 second uptime, which is a lower uptime than your best, and more healing done). Are you in Chakra: Sanctuary when popping your hymn? When are you hymning, for rolls? Nuclear blasts? I would highly recommend hymning every roll to help knock off all the healing debuffs and keep yourself caught up on debuff healing.
    Holy Word: Serenity VS Holy Word: Sanctuary: I occasionally hop into Serenity when I'm on the first armor plate and there's no real raid damage (just need to heal up 1 or 2 debuff people), but it's not necessary to swap. It's valid to stay in Chakra: Sanctuary for the whole fight. I would not recommend swapping to Serenity at any point on the third armor plate, since raid damage gets a little hectic.
    Renew: Your Renew healing seems rather low, probably since you stay in Serenity more. This is another reason why I would recommend Sanctuary. Makes your Renews tick harder. At minimum, there should always be a Renew on whoever has a debuff.
    Heal or Greater Heal: When there is no rush to heal someone up (example: after a roll, no one has debuffs, and then the first one eventually pops out), I will just use Heal (and of course have a Renew rolling). At any point if we are starting to get behind on heals (anything more than 2 debuffs out), I will throw out stronger heals. And by later in the fight, I'm not really touching Heal so much due to raid damage, compared to the first plate's lack of any raid damage. Otherwise, I do like to make use of Heal early on in the fight to conserve mana. I see no rush in getting a debuff off of one person so speedily, especially if when you finish one off and have to just wait for the next one to go out.

    You have more than enough gear to handle healing H Spine (I think I healed it with less when we first killed it, I don't remember ><). I personally go Haste > Mastery > Crit for reforges since I have 3 specs to take care of and share gear and whatnot. Works well for me ^^

    Spec looks good. I don't spec into Blessed Resilience personally but it works. I was actually going to drop Body and Soul for this fight when we were still progressing, but I realized it could help out with our tank kiting. If your tank is dying off or is having problems with kiting, you may want to consider picking Body and Soul back up and shielding him on CD to help with the kiting. Only different glyphs I run are Guardian Spirit instead of Lightwell (my raid buddies don't like clicking my Lightwell very much -.-...) and Fade instead of Divine Accuracy (I've died so many times on this fight from healing aggro. Glyph of Fade is a must for me).

    For mana, you should try to stay as full as possible because when plate 3 comes around it's just a bit of a train wreck =/ I'm fortunate enough to have a Mana Tide in my raid. I would recommend mana hymning really early on so it's up again for the 3rd plate if you need to. Otherwise, mana hymn + fiend on the 3rd plate is the way to go. If you're oom or struggling on mana any time before the 3rd plate, there may be something wrong with the strategy you guys are using (meaning people are taking more damage than they should be taking, or there's too many debuffs when there shouldn't be so many, forcing you to use quick and expensive heals to get debuffs off). Also, I'm not much of a Conc Pot fan since it's takes you completely out of the fight for 8 seconds. If you're really low on mana going into the 3rd plate or on the 3rd plate, I recommend saving SF, HoH, and your pot. Wait for Power Torrent to proc, pop Volcanic Pot, pop SF, and cast HoH. I love going from like near oom to full mana from that XD
    Random: One time I healed H Spine in all Shadow gear with like 1.6k spirit total. I cried many tears on the inside. Not sure how we managed to not wipe, I must've been carried pretty hard =P I have a terrible habit of forgetting to swap between gear sets since I play 3 specs in DS >< The worst is always forgetting to put on Holy gear and still wearing Shadow. Le sigh.

    If you care to browse through any of my Spine logs, they're here: http://www.worldoflogs.com/guilds/144559/
    I don't really care about HPS myself, and my HPS isn't particularly high, but at least people don't die (well.. at least they don't die anymore XD)
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    You get ranked by reducing overheal. The top priest on spine has less than 10% overheal. The most efficient way to reduce overheal is to tell the other healer to chill, while you heal and when shit gets tough he assists. This happens naturally sometimes when the raid plays bad. Either way ranks on Spine should be ignored for progression. The idea is to maximize healing, not get hps ranks.

    I've only tried it twice as holy but I found the most efficient way to heal was:

    DH on rolls.
    CoH when lots of people are damaged, if not then don't use it.
    Stay inner will
    Use PoM when it fades
    Renew every new debuff
    Spam Serenity/GH/Heal depending on dmg. Serenity into double GH is very good.
    Switch to new debuff as soon as they appear, and let renew/passive healing do the rest.
    Make sure lightwell is up doing rolls and tell people to use it.
    Never go sanc, if we're stacking up the paladin uses HR anyway.
    Rarely use poh, the nukes shouldn't last very long.
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    I am currently the #2 ranked Holy and #3 Disc (highest was #2) on 10H My current #2 rank (2 healing with a Disc) overranked my existing #2 (2healing with a Resto Shaman). I have always ranked in the top 10 on this fight mainly as I was one of the first Holy Priests to kill this encounter so auto ranked pre-nerf. The main reason I rank now is that we 2 heal it. My team is a little stacked, with 3 Paladins in group (Ret/2 Prot) and 3 Priests (2Disc/Holy and 1 Shadow) not because we think this is strong but because we are a small team of 11 friends that just happen to have those classes - damn Conqueror token - which the lock always seems to win first, haha!

    So generally with 3 Priests in the raid we have 4-6 Mana Hymns, plus a Resto Shaman MTT. This pretty much makes mana a non-issue if managed properly. When we were three healing (Disc/Holy P/Shaman), I followed this strat with a few amendments when 2 healing -

    1. I would usually stay in Serenity Chakra and Renew all the tanks and anyone with the debuff and keep it up with Heal (when mana was more of an issue) when there were only 1-2 debuffed people.
    2. When 3+ debuffs I would use BH/FH x2, GH to try and reduce the number of debuffs out and so not get behind.
    3. On the first and second rolls I would Fade and DH (with the AA 18% buff - in 3 manning it, it was easy (and necessary pre-nerf) to stack some damage, and even though I still talent AA when 2 healing, I am not able to use it as there is too much damage). My 3rd DH would be somewhere between the 3rd tendons firsts appearance and the kill whenever I felt it was most necessary.
    4. On the Nuclear Bomb ability I would switch to Sanc and keep that down until after roll then switch back to Serenity as it felt more efficient mana wise, if less powerful.
    5. I would use COH whenever a number of people were damaged, never on CD.
    6. I would always POM off someone with a +heal buff like a Prot Pala or Resto Shammy to make the most out of the glyph.
    7. When 3 healing I would generally not dispel that much as our Shammy covered that.
    8. When 2 healing with the Shammy or Disc they tended to concentrate on tanks and dispels, but I still was able to help dispel 30% of them, especially if the tank was taking damage or the debuff timer was getting low.
    9. In terms of mana, I use my Mana Hymn early and then my SF early too with someone else's Mana Hymn if I get a proc from it. I Arcane Torrent and/or Archangel during Hymns or during PT/Lightweave procs. I also use a Conc pot midway through the fight.

    In terms of spec I always use AA, which will help you if you are three healing, but not so much if you go down to 2 (not enough time to DPS and no need to assist).
    In terms of stat priorities, I never reforge away Spirit - even on my Druid/Disc - as I prefer to spam as much as possible - I get bored if I'm not healing/Smiting something every second. As we have 5/11 clothies and 7/11 Conq in our raid group, I don't have much OS gear so have to use it for Disc/Holy/Shadow, so I tend to go for Haste>Crit>Mastery - but only because I never reforge between specs each. I no longer have as much Haste as I once had, but that is mainly because it was taking me below 1 sec GCD on Madness with the Bronze buff. I prefer Crit over Mastery as I tend to Smite a lot in various encounters and Mastery is pretty useless for that.

    Hope that helps. P.S. We never talk about ranking in guild as it is seen as vulgar, and for healing it is not something that particularly marks you out as a "better" healer. But it does feel like a pat on the back - but please if you do get ranked don't be one of those types that harp on about it in guild - it's unseemly. I got my ranks in this fight because the healing was split between two rather than three people and I concentrated on debuff healing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ellumina View Post
    Divine Hymn: Your DH seems to be lower than it should be.
    The Divine Hymn part I am not sure, I do stay in Sanc but sometimes I do get gripped during the channel maybe that's why =/


    That is pretty much what I do besides the AA/BH/FH/GHeal part. I was always scared to use Flash and BH but I will be sure to try it today. And no I don't think ranking makes you a better healer. More like an achievement for me somewhat :3 And I don't plan to brag about it because one of my fellow raiders do that and I find it rather annoying. >_>

    Thanks for the tips everyone I'll have to see if I could kill it tonight with heal glyphs on :3
    hello :3

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    Quote Originally Posted by helloberry View Post
    The Divine Hymn part I am not sure, I do stay in Sanc but sometimes I do get gripped during the channel maybe that's why =/


    That is pretty much what I do besides the AA/BH/FH/GHeal part. I was always scared to use Flash and BH but I will be sure to try it today. And no I don't think ranking makes you a better healer. More like an achievement for me somewhat :3 And I don't plan to brag about it because one of my fellow raiders do that and I find it rather annoying. >_>

    Thanks for the tips everyone I'll have to see if I could kill it tonight with heal glyphs on :3
    You get gripped during the channel? When are you popping your hymn exactly? And even if you do get gripped/interrupted, the amount of healing done in your uptime seems low to me. I'm not terribly sure why that is unless you're not using your hymn at an optimal time (aka not using them for rolls). Looking a little bit more into it, the overheal seems a little high on DH as well. I'm not the best log interpreter, but I'll try to break it down more if I can.

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    I use it on rolls yes. We are kinda slow on killing corruption for roll so it's either i hymn early before roll (rarely) or during roll
    hello :3

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