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    For levelling I'd definately say shadow is the most enjoyable(except for the few brackets where you have mana issues), because you can just pull lots of mobs and DoT them up.
    At 85 I've not really played my paladin/priest, but with some more gear I think shadow would be really fun to play(right now I can't actually multiDoT on my spriest because the gear is so bad, and I have so little mana). If you like big numbers/huge burst, go with the ret pally. Can't really say much about PvP apart from a few BGs on my paladin. In PvE gear a ret pally can burst for a ton, but also dies really fast, quite similar to an arcane mage.

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    Lots of good discussion, tips, and pointers in this thread, yet it will still get closed...

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    Quote Originally Posted by sarasun View Post
    Enhancement is one of the funnest specs IMO:

    -More than 5-6 abilities to use
    -Not GCD capped, meaning you have some windows to think to your next actions, or simply relax
    -Decent to good soloing capacities, if that's something you like
    -You get mostly everything you need in your rotation early on (Only Unleash Elements come later than the 3rd tier of talents)
    -With the somewhat recent changes to our AOE, it's a very good one, and isn't only a channeling skill ala Mind Sear or Blizzard.
    wolves are high lv and enh have stormstrike, lava lash lightning bolt/heal/chain lightning with maelstrom which is also high lv and frost shock is pvp only while fire shock is for bosses and rarely pvp while you normally earth shock against random mobs that makes for a grand total of 3 abilites in your rotation at higher levels without procs. the only saving grace of enh is theyre melee(dont have mob too close syndrome like elemental, shadow or fire), have heals and slightly more interesting than pallies
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    Isnt 10% of infinite still infinite?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ambigiouslynamed View Post
    wolves are high lv and enh have stormstrike, lava lash lightning bolt/heal/chain lightning with maelstrom which is also high lv and frost shock is pvp only while fire shock is for bosses and rarely pvp while you normally earth shock against random mobs that makes for a grand total of 3 abilites in your rotation at higher levels without procs. the only saving grace of enh is theyre melee(dont have mob too close syndrome like elemental, shadow or fire), have heals and slightly more interesting than pallies
    What on earth are you talking about. That's like saying a frost mage only uses one spell, because they can adequetly level with nothing but frost bolt.

    At the bare minimum I'm using unleash elements, stormstrike, lava lash, shocks and totems. And since fighting more than one mob at a time is pretty common for a melee, fire nova as well. And you can't really count out maelstrom procs - five stacks of maelstrom builds up so fast, you're using instant cast spells more often than a paladin uses templar's verdict.

    So yeah, enhancement shaman gets my vote. I ran into major mana issues when trying to dot spam with shadow priest, and came to the conclusion that simple mind spike / mind blast spam was far more efficient, but incredibly boring. And paladin.. you hit crusader strike and then wait 4,x seconds to hit another crusader strike.. then wait 4,x seconds to hit a third crusader strike.

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    Holypala main here and 9 lvl 85's.... I must say enhancement shammy with full boa with dual mcgowans have been my most enjoyable char to level! Its just so violent and heavy in some way ) gogo shammy!

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    Fun is entirely subjective. I enjoy talking to myself, my brother thinks it's weird. I would advise you to talk to yourself as much as possible, my brother would advise against it.

    That's this thread in a nutshell. Play them and decide for yourself. You can do that, I hope?

    I hope the Moderators could be a bit stricter on these "What is the most ... class?".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Master Guns View Post
    Of coarse it's all opinion..but only a fool makes choices without seeking counsel from those who know better first.
    Maybe you could help by explaining what YOU consider as fun. Complex rotation? Simple rotation to pay more attention to the quests and scenery? Sniping things from afar before they reach you? Running into the mobs and mow through them? Or whatever else you think is important for you to have fun. All classes are fun to level for the one or the other, without knowing more about your preferences it's hard to help you.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ashrana View Post
    So, what would be your reaction, if you found out, that come cata release first patch, blizzard were planning to kill everyone by sending a bear through the mail?

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    None can tell you what you like

    Just get all to 20 and the choose.

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    Mind Control alone is the reason you should pick Priest, plus Holy has the biggest toolkit of ALL healers, and is soooo much fun imo.

    Shaman is fun minus the totems, that's mainly why I don't like them, too clunky =/ If I could put the totems in a wagon and pull them around with me, and not have to constantly keep setting them, I might like Shamans better.

    Holy Paladin isn't bad, but I'm not too fond of Ret or Prot.
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    Didn't like leveling a Priest too much... As a Spriest you'll be oom a lot, and the drinks barely fill your mana-bar while leveling. I totally hated questing on my Spriest, you lack fun skills and burst firepower, as opposed to for example a Hunter wich I think is tons of fun while questing. While questing as a Spriest you can pull many mobs, DoT em up and heal yourself, but you'll spend 30sec drinking everytime you do that. If you like healing dungeons/bg's I guess it's pretty ok.

    Shaman's are just fun. Enha is great while questing, and really so is Ele.

    Paladin's, well you can go and grind dungeons as Prot, but while questing I'd say a Shammy is more fun. Ret isn't bad at all though. I personally think Ret is really fun because of the utility and heals you can cast on your mates. (bg's)
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    Holy priest can be a lot of fun, haven't tried Shadow properly. As for shamans/paladins, I've tried ele, holy & ret. Ret is fairly fun aswell, Holy is kinda meh (HR HR HR LoD HR HR HR LoD...) and Elemental is probably the most boring out of all the casters I've played.

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    Elemental shaman for DPS, its probably my favorite DSP spec. If you go with the pally, Id recommend going prot and/or holy over ret. Its funny that the prot damage rotation feels much more fluid than the ret one, but I dont have the 2pc for ret so I cant comment on how much that changes things.

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    It depends on your definition of fun... To all of the people suggesting ele shammies are fun... I guess if you find a class with a basic rotation similar in complexity to an arc mage "fun", ele is the spec for you. I've found shammies to be OK healers, but never did like the almost complete lack of HoTs while levelling... I used my shaman when friends needed a ranged DPS or healer, but I didn't particularly feel like putting much effort into doing either.

    Priests are pretty good and I'd recommend shadow and disc for PvP. At low levels a disc priest is pretty much a DPS that has healing output. At current end game they both pull respectable numbers in PvP and PvE. Shadow is an acquired taste - if you like the warlock DoT and fear style, you'd probably like shadow. And the fact that disc has the most damage output for a healer certainly has its applications at end game.

    As far as pallies go, holy is a bit "lol holy radiance" for my liking at the moment. They're pretty solid all-rounders, though and the plate armour means they can perform roles such as soaking for H Morchok if you're range stacked. Prot generally makes for reliable tanking - not so great in PvP, but they have some CDs that make them decent in PvP only minus the DPS DKs or Druids currently contribute. And ret I love to hate. I like the idea of the spec as a holy crusader with big swords, but am not so fond of the current state of the rotation. It's rather clunky, complete with clunk sounds for most of their rotation abilities, but

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    Why don't you try one of each class, and every spec. Take your time and don't rush it.

    I could tell you "warlock is fun as hell, because of blablabla" then you tried one, and found out it sucked and was not for you.

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    Prot paladins are a lot of fun IMO. and if you end up not wanting to tank , you can always go dps or healing.

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    Having played all three pretty extensively, I would go with a Priest or Shaman. I would lean more to Priest only because I've played them a lot more (and therein lies the problem with these threads).

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    SP and ele shaman.

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    Well, my leveling experience with a priest is ancient. Then it definitely was not as much fun. But Cata came after that, so I guess it's more fun now. However priest at 85 is fun.

    I had fun leveling a ret pally alt last autumn. My first pally was leveled during TBC and I played him holy all the way. So I wanted to try ret and it was good fun to me at least. There's a pleasant feeling of being powerful early on, but never too op. Fun in instances too. To me had enough tools to use I didn't get the feeling I was being restricted from anything, like I sometimes feel with the shaman. I haven't leveled her to max yet, she's only 55. With that in mind though, fun fun fun. As for 85, I've played my holy pally very little, but the healing style seems fun - I just haven't totally grasped all the changes yet.

    I have a level 46 shaman alt too, as mentioned. Ele has good damage (and I have to love the crits), but somehow it just hasn't been that much fun for me. Shaman as a class has lots of cool stuff (the wolf, totems and reincarnation are <3), so maybe it's just the spec that doesn't suit me. I have a resto spec on her too but I've not yet dared to queue as a healer. I decided against enha when I decided I wanted her to have resto offspec (for gear reasons mostly), but I'm thinking I might like enha more than ele. Never played a shaman at max level, so about that I know very little.

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    Speaking as an experience shaman and priest, it really depends on your play style. I enjoy both so I have both. Shaman a little more fun though

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    I rolled my paladin the day TBC released, and it's only level 61, every spec is extremely boring for leveling imo (though prot is fun until you get bored of facerolling).
    My elemental shaman is the most fun I've ever had levelling, I even rolled another shaman to 40 because it was so fun. Resto is also fun.
    I didn't enjoy my priest so much, it is ok, but shadow doesn't feel as natural to play as other caster classes to me.

    TL;DR: Shaman!
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