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    4 I like it but I've always been a huge fan of that DK tier.

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    3, mainly because the sword doesnt match, maybe armageddon or something would go with that armor then it would be a 5

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    a 1 or a 2. Looks a bit generic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jackieboy999 View Post
    3, mainly because the sword doesnt match, maybe armageddon or something would go with that armor then it would be a 5
    What im nervous about is my character's face. Do you like that face option?

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    You're basically just showing off tier 7 here and while I'm a fan of the set, transmog-wise it's nothing special.

    To me a transmog set are carefully picked items from various origin which make for a nice set... This may make me a bit biased at this though :|

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    hell ye really love your chest piece, i think your Armour is one the coolest

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    I like the armor, just the choice of face and hairstyle wouldn't do it for me. 3 out of 5 in my personal opinion, but I can see why people would rate higher.

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    3, sword completely doesn't match.

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    I just found myself a new 'mog set. Thanks :P I rate it a 4.

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    love the sword! needs a sexier hair cut imo

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    4, point off for grey hair

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    4... I'd've given you a 3 but I see that you're 2450. Impressive.

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    I like it.But i would add a helm to her.Don't ask if your character looks cool.If you like how she looks,then she looks cool.

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    2, looks really bland to me.
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    Oh look, a DK in DK gear. HOW SPECIAL.

    Also, may I recommend you actually post it in the proper thread next time? http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...ransmog-thread!
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