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    Engineering : goblin or gnomish?

    I am Ret paladin , I am really Incidentally to choose goblin or gnomish for Engineering.

    Which one I should leveling?

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    Gnomish is more fun making crazy gadgets

    While goblin makes bombs but tbh both are pretty worthless at 85

    me personally i would say wait till more info comes out regarding specialistions in MoP but if you cant wait i would just go with gnome

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    Goblin all the way! No matter what faction.

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    Goblin for the win! boombs!
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    Goblin for the transporter malfunctions! I never seemed to get any as gnomish . I love when it makes my orc a dwarf or something!

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    Gnomish. Gnomes > All

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    Gnomish for the new gravity well..that thing is endless fun!

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    I always found gnomish to be the most fun :>

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    i used to be goblin engi but i switched since i never used bombs, and gnomes have the world enlarger which is fun to use.

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