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    The WoW Factor: Transmog Fashion Shows


    The WoW Factor was first conceived in Feburary 2012 as a collaboration between Keelhaul of Disenchanting Azeroth, and Ironyca and Noelani, the two creators of WoW Roleplay Gear. Keelhaul had already made a name for himself as the man who gave away 1,000,000 Gold at various transmogrification competitions. After Keelhaul had invited WoW Roleplay Gear to attend one of the events as guests, the two websites decided to officially team up to form a panel of judges ready to bring gold prizes, item giveaways and transmogrification expertise to realms worldwide.

    After the first couple of shows under the WoW Factor banner, a forth member was added to the team. Elvine, a gold maker focused on transmogrification items, was brought in to provide high quality video coverage of the events via his TwitchTV live stream, as well as extra judging value.

    Keelhaul has since left the team to focus on real life endeavours, but The WoW Factor marches on with guest judges and special appearances each week.

    Event Overview

    Events last approximately 2½ hours and are organised into a competition structure comprising of several stages, with judges discussing outfits and awarding gold prizes through several rounds. The top prizes are awarded those who are deemed to have the very best transmogrification outfits at the event. We operate a live stream for those who wish to follow our audio commentary or are unable to attend the gatherings in-character. All are welcome to attend, be it to spectate or participate.

    Prize gold was initially provided by WoW Factor judges, namely Keelhaul, although these days most of the gold comes from generous sponsors who opt to fund the prizes for events on their home servers. We have also received donations of pets and mounts from the Blizzard store for us to give away.

    We feature an article for every event detailing locations, dates, times and prizes. Follow-up articles are also added once an event has finished, including screenshots and names of the winners in each round of competition. These posts can be found through the WoW Factor Events button on our sidebar, and further screenshots are added on Facebook.

    Sponsoring An Event

    Perhaps you’d like to be one of the sponsors helping to bring our team to your realm. As it takes a considerable amount of time and effort for us to earn the prize money on a particular realm, the assistance of sponsors enables us to set up an event much faster than if we did it all alone, and broadens the range of realms we visit. Sponsors will be featured in our articles regarding their specific event, attributing the donation to them and linking to their websites/twitter where possible.

    If you’re interested in donating for an event, contact Noelani to discuss the organization, prize fund and potential dates. Contact details can be found at the bottom of this page.

    We have a few general guidelines for the sponsorship process, as follows:

    • We recommend a total prize fund of 75k+ gold, in order to provide worthwhile prizes to a multitude
    of individuals.
    • Whilst we don’t mind setting a portion of the prize gold aside for individual sponsors to reward their
    favourite set(s), we currently don’t allow them to act as full judges.
    • At least half of the sponsored gold should be traded to the judges a week in advance of the event,
    to ensure that we don’t end up running a show with no prizes.
    • Sponsors may remain anonymous if they so desire.

    Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further queries about sponsoring a WoW Factor Event.


    If you would like more information or have any questions about The WoW Factor project, you can find us on the following links:

    WoWFactor Home Page: WoW Factor Show
    Twitter: WoWRoleplayGear and Elvine
    Email (General Queries): [email protected]
    Event Details & Follow-ups: WoW Factor Events
    Livestream: TwitchTV

    Past Shows (Screenshots & Videos)

    Lightbringer US (A) Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 (Note that the event itself begins at approximately the 53 minute mark in Part I)
    Arthas US (A) Video (Event begins at approximately 50 minute mark)
    Tichondrius US (H) Video
    Earthen Ring US (2) (H) Video
    Earthen Ring US (A) Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4
    Proudmoore US (A) Video
    Scarlet Crusade US (H) Video
    Earthen Ring US #2 (A) Video
    Proudmoore US #2 (A) Video
    Dath'remar US (H) Video
    Stormreaver US (A) Video
    Stormreaver US (H) Video
    Scarlet Crusade US (A) Video
    Shadowmoon US (A) Video
    Emerald Dream US (A) Video
    Chamber of Aspects EU (A) Video
    Proudmoore US (A) #3 Video
    Arygos US (A) Video
    Argent Dawn EU (A) Video Part 1 Part 2
    Lothar US (A) Video
    Kargath EU (A) Video

    Community Response

    This was an awesome event, brought a ton of people together and we all had a great time. Looking forward to another!
    I think this is a great thing. It gives a realm the chance to come together for a fun event. Realm community is a dying thing and events like this help bring it back some.
    We just did this event on Lightbringer, one of the most fun things i have participated in, in a long time. The amount of effort and creativity that comes up is really awesome.
    At first, I thought that the so called "competition" was a joke. However, whenever I showed up and tuned into the livestream, I actually became quite interested. I was originally trolling, as I saw no point into having a show about transmogging. Though, as the show progressed I became more and more intrigued with not only the beautiful transmog sets, but also the commentary. I felt as if I was a part of a bigger community involving both the players at the actual event and those watching from other places. By the end of the show, I became inspired to begin collecting my own transmog sets.
    Got a chance to be a part of the show on Tichondruis and since then I have been following the livestreams of the other shows and really enjoying it. I am contemplating server xfering a character over to compete in one of the future events just because of how fun it is.
    Participant FAQ

    Q. Can I win multiple prizes?
    A. Yes, participants may win a prize in each of the rounds of competition.

    Q. Do I have to attend the whole event to be eligible for a prize?
    A. No, players may come and go as they please, and are not required to have won in a previous round to be eligible for later rounds. We recognise that players have other commitments, so we do our best to be flexible.

    Q. Can we enter as a guild/partnership?
    A. Whilst we love to see groups of themed characters, we sadly have to judge on an individual basis. It’s simply too difficult to judge groups in comparison to individuals.

    Q. Are roleplay outfits accepted?
    A. We fully encourage participants to show off their roleplay outfits during the course of our events, but unfortunately we cannot judge them on the same basis as other transmogrification sets unless they fulfil all of the criteria set out in the rules above. For example, allowing the mixing of armor types can potentially give a great advantage to plate wearers, who may wear almost any armor pieces to form a roleplay set.

    Q. Why do you hate dwarves and love blood elves etc?
    A. The reason that certain races are over-represented among winners is quite simply because the relative population of that race is higher. We’ve attended Horde events where 50 out of 100 are Blood Elves and 2 are Goblins, of course there will be more Elves winning in such circumstances.

    Q. You always talk about ‘Recipe’ sets. What does that mean, exactly?
    A. We use the term ‘recipe’ to refer to any outfit which was designed by Blizzard with the intention of those items matching one another. For example, tier sets, pvp sets and uncommon BoE sets such as the Commander’s Set.

    Participant Rules

    If you’d like to take part in an event, all you have to do is show up at the designated time and location as listed in our Events articles – there’s no registration required. There are however a few guidelines worth taking note of:

    • The majority of your outfit should be transmogrified.
    • An outfit should have no missing armor pieces (but you are not required to show helm or cloak, or
    wear a shirt and tabard).
    • Participants may switch character between rounds, but not during. We may wish to return to award
    gold to a character at any time.
    • Characters from multiple accounts are accepted.
    • As you can change character between rounds, you may also change outfit, but do so at your own
    risk (we might prefer your first!).
    • We don’t award prizes to outfits with a mix of armor types.

    Next Upcoming Show

    Destination: US-Deathwing
    Faction: Horde
    Date: Saturday 08 September 2012
    Time: 3-6pm MDT (realm time) *
    Location: Silvermoon City Sunfury Spire (Lor’themar’s Room)
    Prizes: 100,000 gold in total + 3 Blizzard Store mounts + 1 Blizzard Store pet
    Prize Categories (Estimate):
    • Round 1: Judges will award between 1,000 and 4,000 gold to outstanding outfits (94k total)
      • Round 2: The Top 6 – Three characters will be awarded a Blizzard store mount each as overall
      winners, three will be awarded 2k gold each as runners-up (6k total)
      • Bonus Prize “Bri’s Choice Award”: Brilynn, one of the sponsors, will award a store pet to an outfit
      of her choice
    Prize Sponsor(s): Thoranar/Brilynn (Details below)
    Judges (In-game names if different): Ironyca, Noelani, Elvine, Caylena
    Livestream: Elvinemod @ TwitchTV (Link)
    Further Details: WoW Forums (Link)
    WoW Factor Queue and Request Servers

    Don't see your realm? Hit us up and we'll get the word out!
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    seems fun... some role playing action

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    Nice, I would love to participate in something like that. Is this in US realms only?
    Kindness goes a long way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daphne Blake View Post
    Nice, I would love to participate in something like that. Is this in US realms only?
    So far we've only had US realms, though we are looking to expand to EU realms. Of course we will need help with players sponsorships.

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    What a great kind of event I must say!

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    That's good, people are doing something other than sit in cities.

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    Great guy, love his stream hope more participate in this.

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    The WoW Factor Show on Scarlet Crusade (H) - US will be starting in approximately 30 minutes!
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    I see a distressing lack of gnomes in these screenshots.
    "Lordaeron belongs to the Forsaken. Always and forever!"

    Perfection is so horribly dull, don't you think?

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    Great show tonight! Screenshots to come!

    Meanwhile, check out the video recording! (Link)
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    Last nights WoW Factor Show @ Earthen Ring (A) screenshots added! Thanks for all the support and Keelhaul for giving out over 2 million gold!

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    Next show 28th, 1pm EST @ Proudmoore US (A) - 100,000g in prizes!

    Check out our new Facebook page!
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    Reminder tomorrow is our Proudmoore US (A) show! Come check it out!

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    Man, I'd love to see this on Alliance-KJ-US. But I don't know who would sponsor.

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    PLEASE make one for Mal'Ganis-US and/or Grizzly Hills.

    ---------- Post added 2012-04-27 at 07:47 PM ----------

    Please PLEASE do one for Mal'Ganis, its a great server, lots of good mogs that DON'T suck.

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    @Alasuya, as much as we would like to go to every server that wants us to do a show there, we still need a local sponsor for the show. See if your local gold makers or guilds would like to sponsor a show for the server and email Keelhaul at [email protected]

    We will be having a guest judge tomorrow, Marrra, a past winner of the WoW Factor Show!

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    Can you tell me the server that Wow Factor is being sponsored?

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    Quote Originally Posted by maxilian View Post
    Can you tell me the server that Wow Factor is being sponsored?
    Tomorrows show is going to be on Proudmoore US (A), next week we are heading to Stormreaver US (A) & (H)

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    I love these shows! I have a blast every time I go. So many people turn out! It's awesome to see what other people can come up with and it's easy to get inspired.

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    Great show everyone! Once again Proudmoore proves to have some amazing transmogs! The video of the show can be found here.

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    Just gone done with a unscheduled show on Dath'remar (H) 300,000g giveaway! Video can be found here.

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