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    Level 83 Shadow Priest DPS

    Hello everyone-
    I recently ran a dungeon and did a test on a dummy, and recount showed that I did 7-8k dps. I don't have great gear, pretty much all questing, and my ilevel is only 302 atm. I was wondering is this good dps for my level, and what are some tricks that can help me prepare for heroics? Also, what are some good addons that can track your dots and cooldowns? Thanks
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    its more dps than ive seen from some people in LFR

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    I wouldn't worry about your dps at those levels tbh.

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    ilvl is only 302, don't worry. At 85 you'll master the rotation over time. It takes patience and practice.

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    the scaling of secondary stats changes a great deal 84-85 too. level 83 in deepholm gear is much stronger %-wise than a 85 in Twilight Highlands gear.

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