View Poll Results: What's your favorite Cata raid?

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  • The Baradin Hold

    8 1.79%
  • Throne of the Four Winds

    22 4.91%
  • The Bastion of Twilight

    92 20.54%
  • The Firelands

    111 24.78%
  • Blackwing's Descent

    177 39.51%
  • Dragon Soul

    38 8.48%
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    Tier 11 best content, BWD best raid, Ragnaros best boss (imho, it should had been final expansion boss). DS worst fucking raid (in both normal and heroic) I ever see

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    I´d prefer BWD any day over the others, however I can´t say I was really impressed with any of the raids here in Cataclysm so the competition is near non-existing in my honest opinion

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    Airwaves, dont get me wrong. I hate Dragon Soul aswell. My guild only killed failwing once on heroic and now everyone is liek.. "Meeeeh... :S". I think its pure agony too.

    That does not mean its not a full raiding tier.

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    Dragonsoul by a mile.

    Back to raids everyone can go to rather than elitist, guild breaking, drama causing, game quit causing, stupidly overtuned shite.

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    So Tier 11 as a Tier gets total 102 (Atm), destroying both other Tiers ... I honestly expected more votes for FL.

    My favourite raids are ones with different environments and different boss types ... Hence why I really like BWD (And Tier 11 in general) over everything else. BWD didn't really have different environments but just the bosses were all quite Unique : 1 Beast, 2 Dragons, 1 Beast/Dragon (Chim), 1 Mechanical and 1 Humanoid ... It had the Coolness of Boss changes like Ulduar/Karazhan (Not as much but definitely to a certain degree) and for that it easily won the award VS DS / FL which was Fire, Fire and more Fire and of course ... Dragons and Humanoids.

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    DS most Challenging well designed raid in the history of The World of World of Warcraft

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    As a whole raid I vote for Blackwing Descent (Firelands as second), if we would vote on one best boss, the vote would go to Ragnaros FL.

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    I enjoyed flying around while pewpewing the boss, so I cast my vote for firelands. Otherwise I would be hard struck to pick a favorite.

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    Should've added a ''none'' option, I really don't like any Cata raid

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    Quote Originally Posted by MironSan View Post
    I enjoyed flying around while pewpewing the boss, so I cast my vote for firelands.
    When i read that sentence my thoughts went instantly to Al'akir P3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tides View Post
    When i read that sentence my thoughts went instantly to Al'akir P3
    oh that's right, I wasn't raiding during tier 11 so I hardly remember most of those fights.

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    Firelands or BWD. I feel like we had too little time to enjoy BWD as it was together with BOT and Tot4W and now I feel like we're in DS just waiting for MoP to come, which is a shame.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SkillOverKill View Post
    I think LFR just makes you all think Dragon Soul is too easy and boring, but on heroic its a pretty good instance, certainly worth more than 2 votes (one being me voting politically).
    Well some people (myself included) enjoy the whole experience about a raid-tier, and the fact that I cleared the entire place within a week made me loose the feeling of acomplishment when I then cleared it on normal (and later started heroics). So some of the fights might be good, but easy/normal/heroic mode makes it an horrible place for me. I never liked different difficulty bosses to begin with.

    Quote Originally Posted by McNeil View Post
    Should've added a ''none'' option, I really don't like any Cata raid
    Then you really don't understand the concept of "the best raid". Even though you didn't like them, 1 was still better than the other, or they were all equal (in which case "none" is still incorrect". Saying "none" makes no sense whatsoever.

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    Blackwing Descent. I liked all of Tier 11, but that was my favourite one of the lot. Omnitron Heroic was random and retarded, but that just added to the feeling of finally killing it.

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    T11 was rushed because of the launch. I liked some of the fights (Omnotron, Chimaeron, Cho'gall, Sinestra) and design (Throne of the Four Winds) but in general pretty much all memories are bad because so many fights were incredibly buggy in all 3 raids.

    T12 was pretty good. Ragnaros was the hardest, most interesting, complicated and just the best encounter of the expansion by a mile. Loved the Sulfuras Keep aswell, great artwork there. Rest of the raid wasn't anything special (boring enviroment, few meh/annoying bosses) but because of Ragnaros I'd have to say Firelands was the best raid of the expansion.

    T13 huge disappointment. Recycled models and enviroments, gives you a feeling of very quickly done, lazy raid. Numbers were tuned good but mechanics were meh, especially in the Deathwing fights. The only 2 fights with new models and then the fights are so boring.

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    Didn't really enjoy any of them a lot, but I guess I'll have to choose Firelands. Absolutely detest Dragon Soul and didn't enjoy t11 a lot due to the big amount of bosses & generally annoying mechanics. Fire being annoying with it's RNG during that time just made it worse aswell.

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    Throne only because of the scenery and the Al'akir fight was pretty interesting in it's mechanics. I still think all the Cata raids were pretty bland otherwise.

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    I think Blackwing Descent is the best raid of Tom Chilton's stewardship, and easily the best of this expansion.
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    You know, in the first week of patch 4.3, I would have said it was Dragon Soul. But it turned out that it was the hype of the moment, fresh stuff and such, clouding my judgement.

    Now, I find Firelands to be the best raid in Cataclysm. Fun mechanics, good balance between difficulty and progression, and it was the only raid in this expansion that I did proper progression. And Ragnaros heroic is a beast... To me, he is the real big boss of the expansion, in terms of epicness... Spine and Madness turned out to be very boring and repetitive, but it was not the case with Ragnaros.

    Sure, after the nerfs it became easy to get 6/7 heroic, and after Blizzard took out Geyser Ragnaros became A LOT easier... But still, a much better fight than Spine and Madness...

    By the way, just blowing out steam... I HATED BWD...

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    Tier 11, with BWD in particular, was flat out epic.
    The encounters were "difficult", with mechanics that called each role and player to the forefront and required precision and patience to down.
    I love that they were hard enough to take some time, but not impossible. It was enjoyable to be able to progress while guilds who were not as dedicated could easily manage 9/12, but the end bosses would always stop them (I don't like when just anyone can do anything, I prefer it when there's some level of commitment to it). The split raid layout also made clears easy, especially when doing pugs and you didn't want to dedicate 6 hours to a tier :P

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