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    more importantly, how long do you think its going to be before bliz decides to pull the whole "you can have access to both games for $20 a month" gimmick

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    By then, I will be at a stage in my life where I don't expect to want to devote the time to an MMO anyway.

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    Though I need more information to give a definitive answer, it's likely. Blizzard makes good games, I have no reason not to believe that I'll play Titan.

    But then again, it could be shit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vashtar View Post
    more importantly, how long do you think its going to be before bliz decides to pull the whole "you can have access to both games for $20 a month" gimmick
    Oh not long.. and of course micro transactions will still cost 25$ each no matter what it is.
    And I'd say more like 25$ a month for both, you give them too much credit.

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    If it's an MMOFPS then no. MMORPG maybe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VoodooDoll View Post
    It's possible that's it may be Free to Play because they're testing out in-game Ads.,14535.html
    I do wonder how long it will be until we have several real adds or items in household games. Say our buff food in WoW was something with Swanson in the name or we drank Dasani water for mana. Sure games like 2nd life have and sell real things in it but that is a very unique example. Mabye a start of whats to come though. I dont know what companies would think its worth but I am sure if they could drop their names into WoW or Madden or any mass market game they would in a heart beat the money both side would agree on may not match up though.

    OT we know pretty much nothing about the game right now so there is no way for me to say one way or another. Its also not coming out for something like 2 years if that soon so again like everybody in here we might have ideas of what we want to be doing or might be doing in 2 years but nobody knows.
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    Personally I wont bother paying for another mmo unless there's a real focus on hardcore pve ideally with attunements, forced progression (attunements require stuff from the previous tier), gating and all the other stuff that disappeared in favour of pleasing a wider audience.

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    Most likely no, I will quit gaming by the time it's released or my pc will be too old and underpowered.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rebecca191 View Post
    By then, I will be at a stage in my life where I don't expect to want to devote the time to an MMO anyway.
    You would be surprised. I also thought I wouldn't devote any spare time to gaming when I got my job, and despite having a demanding job I still play games and enjoy them even more since my spare time has become more valuable.

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    I don't know what the hell Titan is.

    I know it's a Blizzard game, so it's incredibly likely I'll buy it.
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    Wayyyy too soon for me to be able to answer that question. Just really impossible to make that kind of judgement without a ton of more information. And even then.. why do I have to move on? I can play more then one game at a time

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    I will probably try it out, just like I have tried lots of other on line games.

    In any case I won't be leaving wow for it though, as I have put far too much time into the game to stop playing it. Still there is nothing wrong with playing more than one game, time permitting ofcourse. Currently I am having a blast playing wow and starcraft II, and I am looking forward to Diablo III.

    I kind of hope the rumours are true and Titan turns out to be a science fiction based mmofps, as that could provide a nice counter balance to all the fantasy stuff I'm playing at the moment.

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    If it's anything like WoW, then no.

    In all honesty, I can't see lightning striking twice for them. WoW's popularity was a complete fluke. Most companies won't make one successful MMO, let alone two...

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    Too early to know anything about how Titan turns out. I just don´t think I would ever play a pay to play game again when thinking about all the money I have already spent on WoW alone.. For now it would be a no, but that could change at the time of release in case they go all out free to play

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    I won't jump to conclusions until I know more. And the more I've heard about last few and few upcoming mmos, the more I didn't like em.
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    There's absolutely no official (AND FINAL) information on it yet, would be stupid to decide based on current info on it.

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    Would be stupid of Blizzard to make Titan something that could replace WoW. In any case, I won't switch to another MMO with monthly fees, as I feel I'm too invested into Warcraft's universe. I tried Age of Conan and it felt weird to not be able to go the familiar zones like Silverpine. I didn't really care about Hyboria's lore either, where as Azeroth intrigues me to no end.

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    No. Unless it's free, I learned after playing a trial on Rift that WoW will probably be the only MMO i will ever play continuously. If WoW were to end then i wouldn't be playing any other subscription based MMOs anymore. If anything I'll just find a free to play MMO that interests me. If i don't find any, so be it i have plenty of games to play on my consoles to satisfy me.
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    Well it would be kinda hard for me to quit WoW for it since I already did, but I have no idea what Titan is, so there is no way I can decide if I am even interested in it, let alone interested enough to consider giving up SWTOR for it.

    That said, after the events of the last couple years, I am very anti-Blizzard as a company right now, so it would take a lot for me to buy any of their new games. I was a huge D2 fan, but right now I can't even bring myself to buy D3 because the idea of giving Blizzard any more of my money makes me sick.

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    With how the industry is heading it would be likely Bliizard is making Titan an iPad / smart phone game that can also be played on a PC.
    Target age group will probably be 8 to 82.

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