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    [H] <Traumatic> 8/8H 25m Recruiting WARLOCK / ELE SHAMAN/HOLY PALLY/RESTO SHAMAN

    <Traumatic> of Deathwing is recruiting! A bit about us:

    Level 25.

    T12 Progress:
    7/7 Normal - 25m
    6/7 Heroic - 25m

    T13 Progress:
    8/8 Normal
    8/8 Heroic

    Current recruitment needs:
    We are currently accepting applications from all classes and specs for Dragon Soul!
    High Priority:
    - All ranged DPS, some melee
    - Caster dps with Dragronwrath
    - Healers with DPS offspec
    - DPS with Tank offspec

    We raid every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 10 - 1 est

    You must be appropriately geared to push hardmode content, and you must be an exceptionally skilled player. We are not interested in mediocre players that don't theorycraft to the best of their ability and make the same mistakes twice.

    If you would like to apply please do so on our website:


    Any other questions can be asked of the officers in game:

    Mootykins, Ampera, Jadeous, Vernos.

    You may also contact me by RealID at [email protected].

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    We also need a feral cat for melee and occasionally very light tanking duties.

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    Bump, still need feral druid and heals!

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