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    Is it possible to buy Shadow of Revan anywhere else?

    I'm trying to buy Shadow of Revan, but its not letting me =(

    The Star Wars website apparently doesn't accept credit cards from my country.

    Tried Amazon, but it says that Shadow of Revan is only available to US residents, with a US billing address.

    Is there any other place that sells this expansion?

    Por que odiar si amar es mas dulce? (*^_^*)

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    There are European (German, French and English) and US servers (East and West coast)

    So I guess that depends on where you are and what kind of credit card you are using?

    If nothing else call customer service because it sounds like a region thing and a problem with your Credit card acceptance do to region.
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    You can try changing your "country" in settings "My Account"-> "Basic Information"

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