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    This guy is boycotting D3 over the always on DRM?

    Found this today on a gaming blog:

    Going to edit the blog out of my post out because it's being confused of who even wrote the blog (people seem to be insisting that I wrote it when it wasn't me who did). If you want to read it, go click the link, because I'm not about to go about saying it over and over and over again that I didn't even write the fucking thing!

    Not sure if he understands what Blizzard has pointed out many times what it wanted to try to do with the game, but be it as it may, do you think he has a point, or does he need to do some more research, or something else?
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    Boo hoo, one less whiner causing more lag for the rest of us. While I agree that an offline option would be nice, it is certainly not game breaking. It causes some definite problems for a minority of the playerbase (career people who do a lot of traveling, people with very bad connections) but it solves more problems than it causes, which is why I approve of it. Botting, scamming, hacking and dupe items were rampant on D2 and this will not only solve those issues for the most part, but will also allow the Blizzard-sanctioned AH (which solves the problem of shady 3rd party sites AND gives players a way to make their own money!) to be carefully monitored and kept secure.

    I'd take that over the ability to play during my week long vacation in the boonies any day.

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    A grown man who dresses like a superhero blogging about not playing a video game. I dont know the guy so i wont miss him

    Its astounding someone who writes an editorial doesnt understand a constant online connection is the least intrusive form of drm, one that i dont mind.

    "Should your internet go down for any reason, you will be unable to play your game."

    What if your power goes out? Should d3 come with solar panels?

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    If it wasn't for the RMAH, it probably could have an offline mode. In fact, if you never wanted to trade anything, they could probably still do so.

    Offline is becoming a rare state these days, give it 5-10 years and all phones (even £25 ones) will have an IP address and be constantly online. We'll think it quaint that we used to go without.

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    People pick the weirdest reasons to not do something they like.

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    When you go to see a movie at the theatre there are messages telling you to turn off your cellphones. Why? Because people don’t want to be distracted or interrupted while watching the movie. The same thing goes for reading a book, watching TV, or even listening to music. I want to immerse myself and enjoy these forms of entertainment without any interruption or distraction.
    Not a great argument. You can go single-player and set yourself to busy in to prevent anyone from breaking your immersion in D3.
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    He's entiteld to his opinion and to buy a game based on its features. It's his money, and his choice...ultimately I think it is his loss but that's up to him.

    He is not changing anything, he is not making a difference, he is not going to affect their sales figures or how many other people decide to buy these games.... what he does is up to him, as long as he realises this isn't some campaign, this is his personal choice about what he thinks is worth his money.

    I do not find the concept of the future being DRM to be a "scary thought", as he does. I see it as a natural, sensible, logical - occasionally inconvenient - progression in gaming. Like everything, it has some downsides, and is far from perfect, but I would rather online play and the inconvenience of not being able to play when my internet is down or I'm on the move, than a messed up economy and hacked characters/items (by which I don't mean stolen accounts, I mean inflated/unrealistic stats from code editing).

    If I had a shit internet connection that would seriously affect my gameplay (he mentions his internet connection is poor), then perhaps I would feel differently... I can't help wondering that if he had a cheap, constant 50MBs connection with zero downtime for the last 5 years (like me!) if he would be so much against it. The majority of the people I have seen against it are those who unfortunately do not have a great internet connection - or no personal internet connection at all in some parts of the world (pretty rare but it does happen!) - and in that case I can genuinely understand the frustration of an online only system.

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    I agree with what he is saying, personally i consider it bad business not to have an offline mode, why? Limit your market from those that have poor quality/limited internet.

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    I have pretty decent high speed internet, so I am not concerned about this. After all, I have been playing WoW since late vanilla, and I can probably count the amount of times I couldn't play WoW due to my internet being down on one hand.

    However, starting back when I was playing BG1 & BG2, up to current games like Skyrim, one of the things I have always enjoyed doing with games is modding them. From major overhauls to minor gameplay tweaks, I have always enjoyed getting into what makes them work and getting them juuuuust right for me to enjoy. And the same was true for D2. (For those that didn't know, the vast majority of D2 could be heavily modified with nothing more than a big collection of tab delimited text files easily done in excel.) And in all the years I have played D2, I never played D2 online. So when Jay Wilson talks about Diablo being about a "circle-trading game" at its core? WTF is he smoking. Diablo is about going out, killing monsters, getting loot, killing more monsters. It's not about being a fucking glorified AH.

    Now, in WoW, given its MMO nature, I understand there isn't much I can really do to modify the game, at least in how the game itself plays, at least in ways that wouldn't get me perma-banned. But I'm fine with that, because I understand that in a MMO, everyone has to be on the same level.

    But Diablo is not an MMO. And it shouldn't be treated like one because of a stupid fucking RMAH.

    (I'll be playing Diablo, so I'm not saying RABBLE RABBLE ME NO PLAY DIABLO!!! )
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    People need to realize, "online only" is the greatest defense against piracy. It will become the standard (if it isnt already).

    Its like their only defense, games are cracked before they are released now a days. Skyrim was available without their drm 5 days before you could buy it.

    No comments on the rmah since no one has used it yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shamanic View Post

    If I had a shit internet connection that would seriously affect my gameplay (he mentions his internet connection is poor), then perhaps I would feel differently...
    I don't think 'perhaps' would factor in. I think you would definitely take issue with it. For a few months I had issues with my internet connection where it would intermittently go out. In the end they decided there was damage in the line somewhere and something as simple as a branch blowing in the wind could disrupt it. A tech was monitoring the line one day when at my apt trying to fix it and the device watching the connection picked up 132 errors in under an hour. That is 132 disconnects. That's getting booted off WoW, that was my tv service freezing up. 132 times in an hour. It wasn't always that bad, but the interruptions were frequent enough that you couldn't get through a whole show on TV and I basically could not play WoW or any other online game because I was constantly being booted off.

    Believe me, if for whatever you do not have access to a stable internet connection, it will erode your enjoyment of playing a game down to un-playability. And the answer is not always 'lol get better internet'. It may not be an option in certain areas.

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    For people without stable internet it sure sucks and I would complain, too.
    But I have stable internet and I love the DRM due to it making the online environment more secure (not interested in offline Singleplayer anyway, though I will probably rage when my internet days sometimes).

    Altogether I'm sure Blizzard knows that some people will not buy D3 because it requires permanent internet.
    But I'm even more sure they did the math if it is worth losing those buyers in favor of "stopping"/hindering piracy
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    more legendaries for me!

    and if the no offline mode means less duping/hacking/cheating all the better.

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    I probably wouldn't play D3 without the multiplayer, everyone in my guild has the AP so we're gonna end up playing together. If this guy has no friends to play D3 with then that is a bit sad...
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    You know what game can only be played online... WoW, you don't see anyone not buying it because of it.

    I for one am glad that people like this won't buy it, always online means less chance of hacking / duping since everything is generated by the server. Try going to play Diablo 2 and see how much spam there is to buy weapons / gold...

    Will you see farmers ? Sure, but they still have to buy the game so in the end Blizzard doesn't really care since they got their money.

    The amount of people that will "boycott" D3 because of the always online issue will be very small and won't affect the sales in the slightest. He is only hurting himself by not playing GOOD GAMES, which are few and far between these days.

    Torchlight II might be a good game, but if I wanted to play D2, I would go play D2.

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    I don't get it, he complains there is no offline mode, but then he said he played WoW for 3 years... what?

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    i'm with him... at least in the anti-always-on-DRM thing. totally against DRM in any form. i've never pirated a game in my life and it seems like the gaming companies just want to make my life hell and they still can't stop pirates. Down with DRM!

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    This is something I've seen coming up more and more recently (for obvious reasons). My stance on it is mirrored by one game company's (can't remember which at the moment) policy regarding this: they'd rather let pirates have their fun than inconvenience the people who legitimately bought the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seolla View Post
    I don't get it, he complains there is no offline mode, but then he said he played WoW for 3 years... what?
    kakakakakak!! That guy must be trolling, seriously "I'll BOYCOTT if blizz doesn't have offline mode.." are you freaken kidding me here!!?!? Number one, it doesn't effect anyone but people who want to cheat/hack/hurt other games with offline mode. Have an always online mode keeps people honest, and uhhh... you can still have a lan NOOOO PROBLEM!?!?!?

    Hillarious post, I appreciate you showing it to us OP, but that mess from that guy deserves a tl;dr - and a heavy: "MOMMY WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAmbulance"


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    If you refuse to play a game because you need the internet to play it (this is the only viable complaint) then it's your loss. They arn't going to remove features to keep you playing. It isn't DRM, though it functions like it, they are not stupid enough to invest in that tech.

    They simply want to build a Steam-like community. Whether you are a part of it or not is no skin off anyones back.
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