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    <Sanctorum> (6/8HM) Us-Frostmane (Horde) Recruiting a RESTO SHAMAN

    <Sanctorum> is an extremely laid back fun, helpful guild dabbling in some casual progression. We had several heroic bosses down prenerf (Morchok, Yorsahj, Ultraxion) and Hagara and Zonozz down with the 5% nerf. We took some 6 weeks off due to connection issues, holidays, and came back and 5 shotted Heroic Blackhorn (15%) nerf.

    Unfortunately we had a healer leave and are now in the looks of a experienced Resto Shaman. You don't have to have knowledge of 6/8HM but a good attitude and a desire to learn is a must. We're on HC spine right now with the last tendon around 15% only suffering due to a lack of healer performance.

    All and all we're recruiting a Resto Shaman to finish off the tier next week (8/8hc) and Down Spine this sunday (4/29).

    We raid Thurs 8st-11st, Friday 730st - late (fluxuates) and Sun 730st- 11st.

    We're are hoping to recruit someone by Sunday so if you have any questions feel free to message me here ASAP or on my battle.net (jumperofborders14 hotmail . c o m).

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    Bump, still looking for a Resto Shaman.

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    Still looking.

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