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    Overwhelmed by number of ablilities. Friend needs help.

    Got my cousin the game for his birthday cause hes been wanting to try it out. Hes played WoW since TBC and also FF XI so he has some MMO experience and strictly tanked. I didnt play on his sevrer as I was Horde but he cleared some raids while it was current tier but quit a few months into Cata due to burnout. He played a Bear, DK, and Pally. Since he always played melee and tanks he just figured tank for this game too. But hes completely overwhelmed by the sheer number of abilities that each of the tanks require to use regularly compared to WoW tanks.

    I really think hes leaning towards Shadow. I do play a Assassin but I seriously fail at trying telling someone how to play a class when the moves are all the same but have different names. Im trying to tell him how to play using Assassin terms and hes going WTF! What is the bare bones rotation a Jedi Shadow can get by with while leveling? Im just gonna flat out say it. He wants pure faceroll, talking wrath prot pally here, at least until he gets a feel for the game. I want him to stick around but hes quit previous MMOs I got him to try because he had trouble keeping up with a gazillion abilities. I suggested that the Trooper version would probably be easier for a newbie but he wants his double bladed light sabre. So please tell me a good 3-4 button rotation in Shadow terminology so i can help him out please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nativetrash View Post
    2nd link on google showing the mirrored abilities.

    Thanks forgot about that website. Guess he might find a shadow easy after all.

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