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    While your points are pretty valid, my believe is that most people left because of performance issues, which most of them are fixed in 1.2. Im saying this because while I love tor pvp (its fun for me) i stayed the hell away from wz because of performance issues.

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    Been answered already, but I can only confirm. I'm one of recent rerollers, even though I'm already 50 and working on an alt, and many others from different dead servers moved on to TOFN. My game crushes every few hours randomly and at peak times I find myself sitting in a ~30-ish min queues (700+ yesterday). Situation is only going to get worse, unless BW urgently closes an option to make characters at this server.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xeonix View Post
    As the message says, i am very frustrated atm as i spend like 40mins last night waiting and 50mins the night before . I never rememmeber the queues being that high ever since on launch. Whats going on ? Has Bioware decreased the number of players that is allowed to be online / server?
    My server is Tomb of freedon nadd[ EU ].
    Well this is what happens when many start migrating to the busiest server left in EU, the developer introduces a large patch, and then offers a free week to just about everyone who was subscribed at any point since December 20th. So you not only get all the locals, you get the immigrants and the divorcees too. Expected nothing less when BioWare offered this before implementing server transfers or mergers. Fatman, NA, was the same way last night and for the same reasons.

    Hehe... reroll on a lighter server.
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    Queue times will go away after everyone plays for their free week. My server is still dead, and had no queue last night. 27 people on the imperial fleet at peek hours and 15 in Ilum...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tekkommo View Post
    Been said already...

    Every server is basically dead apart from Tomb of Freedom Nadd.

    I would happily queue to be on a busy server, instead I'm on dead Ahto City, which says standard, but standard means light in BWs eyes.
    Legions of Lettow, its pretty healty server, we lost alot of population to ToFN but the server its still pretty good with 200+ ppl at fleet at prime times and good faction balance

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    I have to agree with Hellfury, i also play on Legions of Lettow and i can tell you that its a pretty good server always with lots of ppl on fleet and doing pvp dailys etc..
    Even at late hours (02:00-04:00) we have lots of things going on

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    I recently re-rolled on Legions of Lettow also, and very happy with the change. Very active playerbase. Just Waiting on server transfers now to move my other chars over.

    My old server was dieing and ToFN was way too full. I want busy but I dont want big queue times just to play.
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    80%+ or so of servers are pretty dead and people reroll on the one with the strongest population, can't blame them for wanna have other players around in an MMo really.

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