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    [H] No Remorse @ Kazzak - 8/8 heroic 25 man

    Let me ask you a question: Are you tired?

    Tired of running heroics with randoms who hit 85 an hour ago and faked their Item Level with PvP gear?

    Tired of queing for an hour, just to have the only item you need stolen for someone else's off-spec?

    Tired of guild chat consisting of mindless childish tittle-tattle about who should have loot priority or who is the best pr0 [email protected]?

    Tired of raiding seven days a week with the only achievement being able to corpse run with your eyes closed?

    If the answer to any of these is yes, then <No Remorse> might be the answer to your woes.

    These days guilds fall into one of two categories, right? Either you're a srz bsnz hardcore guild who raids five or more nights a week or you're a cuddle bunny casual guild who manages to pull a heroic group together once a week.

    Not us we say.

    Since day one, the key belief of <No Remorse> has been quality over quantity. Who needs to raid seven days a week if you have the right players with the right skills to do everything you want to in three?

    Born on Boulderfist out of the merger of two guilds back in the beginning of 2008, <No Remorse> prides itself on having kept the same core members throughout the years and benefits from the wealth of knowledge, expertise and cooperation that this brings. Unfortunately a combination of migrations and expansion packs have resulted in us losing a few stragglers on our journey and so we are now looking to increase our ranks.

    As such, we are always interested in talking to players of any class who can demonstrate exceptional experience and skill.

    Needless to say, our ultimate goal is to be able to tackle whatever that fire breathing plucked chicken can throw at us and then spend ours days discussing how great we are on Ventrilo.Our extremely social and multicultural guild currently only has a few requirements: -

    You should understand English and not be afraid of using Ventrilo to both socialise and cooperate on instances. Being willing to mock guildies for failing is considered a bonus.

    You should play your character with a high level of skill and have understanding of both class and encounter mechanics. Hint: If you turn with A & D then we're probably not the guild for you.

    You should be relatively active and on average, be able to play at least three nights a week without having to take breaks to tidy your room or take the trash out for mummy and daddy.

    You should be Cataclysm raid ready or be well on the way there (and no, we don't care about your iLevel score you PvP wearing impostor).

    Our existing members are currently Cataclysm raid ready and we will expect the majority of recruits to be of the same status, but as always, we're happy to be lenient to applicants who can demonstrate their skill and experience in other ways. Being chatty in both guild chat and on Ventrilo will also go a long way towards convincing us you're right for the guild.

    Classes we're looking for at the moment:

    Mage (Arcane or Fire) - High*
    Druid (Balance) - High*
    Warlock (Affliction or Demonology) - High*
    Shaman (Elemental) - High*
    Priest (Shadow) - High*
    Druid (Resto) - High
    Druid (Feral Bear-Cat) - High
    Paladin (Retribution) - High
    Shaman (Resto) - High
    Rogue (Sub or Combat) - High
    Warrior (Arms/Fury) - High

    * - Must have legendary or be close to finishing it quest-wise (we will help you get it if you prove you're right for us). Otherwise don't bother if you can't provide proper dps logs.

    Current raid times are (Server time): -

    Wednesday - 8pm to 11:30pm
    Thursday - 8pm to 11:30pm
    Sunday - 8pm to 11:30pm

    Optional progress raid: -

    Monday - 8pm to 11pm

    If after reading all of this, you're still interested in joining our faithful non-hardcore, non-casual guild, then please apply to us at - In-game contacts are Dresden/Eruna/Andain/Estiva, Eland.

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