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    H]<Blatant Disregard> – 7/8 Heroic DS

    Blatant Disregard is an active raiding guild looking for core members to complete our roster for our main raiding group (10-man), which is currently 7/8 Heroic. We are looking to finish out Heroic Dragon Soul and move our main group into the expansion intact, so we are interested in dedicated players only.

    Raid times are Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday 9pm-12am EST

    Our primary needs include the following for our main group:
    Holy Paladin (high), Shadow Priest (medium), Warlock (medium), Resto Shaman (low).

    All classes and specs are welcome to apply as we are constantly looking for exceptional players, particularly a high DPS, regardless of the class.

    Please visit our website at blatant-disregard DOT wowstead DOT com/recruitment (fix URL) and register to access the forums and submit an application.

    Once you have completed the application, please add one of our members so that you can notify us of it's completion. We will also receive an email stating the completion as well.

    Contact information:

    Kalma: wrecxinc AT gmail DOT COM
    Jimmydamage: jandtracing AT hotmail DOT COM
    Odwela: Tucker2113 AT gmail DOT COM
    Mauritania: rorymcleod AT rogers DOT COM
    Shinokage: jehhawaii AT hotmail DOT COM
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    We are also recruiting for all other raid and pvp groups.

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    LFM! We need all serious raiders and pvpers.

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    MoP is otw! Get ready to claim your raid spot!

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    Also recruiting a Rogue.

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