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    I would choose speed as I can then sleep later in the morning and just fly to work and miss all the traffic.

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    Wisdom has no disadvantages, if you're incredibly smart, then being weak physically doesn't really matter when you can just make a machines to pick objects up (winch/forklift/crane), cut through mountains (tunnel boring machine), etc...

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    This is a key
    i'd choose wisdom. why? want to beat stuff up, pick up something heavy with your mind and beat them to death with it! want to fly? get something you can stand on and use your powers to fly!

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    I m between speed and wisdom, and i say speed cause a normal human being is smart and wise enough to do things and with the speed you could just do whatever you want save people and stuff .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roggles View Post
    Choices seem unbalanced. With wisdom weakness is not an issue since you have psychic powers.
    My thoughts exactly. Seems to be extremely biased.

    All the negatives aside, I really think Wisdom would be the best choice, mental powers aside as well. Intelligence almost always trumps strength, and with it you can do many more things than bashing walls down or running on water. Basically own the stock market, make all the money you'd ever need, etc.
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    Wisdom didn't have to think about it. Poll please.

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    Here's why.

    With that kind of intelligence, don't you think you'd be able to devise a workout plan/diet/mechanical enhancements to get extreme strength and speed anyway?

    Whereas the strength or speed won't allow you to be able to suddenly be brilliant, no matter how much you study.

    Also, working out a little more to get stronger works 100% of the time if you do it right, whereas no matter how much you study, you aren't guaranteed to get it.

    So, the wisdom option leaves you with more room to grow towards the strength and speed option than either of those options give you.

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    I don't understand why you have to trade off being a whimp if you don't pick strength..........

    I guess I'd go with strength and use it to make massive money breezing through strong man competitions and a career in pro wrestling or UFC :P

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    Because then I could build an Iron Man suit and be Strong and Fast.
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    wisdom. just for the simple fact that words can have more of an impact than any force known to man. being able to think things though 100 times faster than any mortal would give you a huge advantage in any situation, simply because you could calculate everything before it hardly began.

    with wisdom you could end most resource wars, energy, fuel, food, all the strife would vaporize when there is enough to go around. the advances in science alone would usher in a new age of exploration into realms we know so little about right now (one of my principle gripes with the movie "limitless").

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    Oh if those 3 powers were put into a game, wisdom would be nerfed to the ground about 5 times before it would be in the same league as strength and speed, mainly because you included telekinesis and telepathy with it, So I'm gonna go with wisdom

    Especially with the super intelligence thing, why be super strong when I can build my own gundam and punch people with that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alaitoc View Post
    More like there are no disadvantages to wisdom, since I already have the strength of a little child.
    LMAO! That made me laugh!

    OT: I have to say Wisdom as well. If you can MC ppl you don't need to be strong,..just MC them and then make the kick their own ass!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vixation View Post
    I would choose speed as I can then sleep later in the morning and just fly to work and miss all the traffic.
    Same here. The power to avoid morning commutes would be more valuable to me than Strength and Wisdom combined

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    By your definition of each category, Wisdom is by far the best and most powerful. I mean, your punches can be as wimpy as you want until you give them a TK kick, then you'll send guys flying as if they'd been sucker-punched by the Hulk. Seriously, who needs brute strength to lift a car when you can pick it up with your mind? Who needs to fly when you can manipulate, say, a manhole cover or a chunk of earth into your own personal flying chariot?

    The only correct answer is derived by, of course, simple logic.

    Quote Originally Posted by Powerogue View Post
    does wisdom give me mind powers like magneto or something?
    And you're thinking of Professor Charles Xavier; Magneto had the ability to manipulate magnetic fields, thus bending only metal to his will.
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    What, no choice for giant penis?

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    Wisdom. Then I'd use my intelligence to figure out a way to use psychic powers to vastly increase my speed and strength.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clevername View Post
    What, no choice for giant penis?
    id assume that would come with strength, but then you would be too stupid to use it
    I see Stupid people!

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    speed, go read some of the wally west era flash comics(barry allen is boring as hell, flash fact).
    superspeed can do some truly amazing things... and some down right horrific things too(tip: NEVER fuck with wally when hes pissed, he will tear you apart atom by atom or turn you into a living statue locked in time for all eternity)

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    From your definitions Id go with wisdom.

    If you got psychic powers like telepathy and telekinesis you could make psychic barriers to make you invulnerable and appear super strong physically by adding a little psychic force to your punches. You could also make people think your someone else. Also you could make inventions to boost any ability or give you extras.

    I woulda went super speed but you have too many negatives mainly the running away part. If i have superpowers Id want to use them to help people and if Im too scared to do anything it wouldnt be worth it to have the power.

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    Let's see..

    Strength - not even a choice, if it's making me dumb, I would rather not have it at all, if given the choice of this vs remain like I am.

    Speed - sounds nice and all but doesn't really suit me.

    Wisdom - this one is clearly the best. I would lose nothing by taking it (as a woman, I'm not that strong to begin with nor have I ever needed to by strong or physically attack anyone). But would gain the ability to live very well, get infinite amounts of money and solve all the problems that might arise.
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