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    Wisdom, I'd be rich and buy bacon and bitches.
    Also, I'd buy a gym so i could work out and be as big as i am IRL. *Whisper* Im massive.

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    Because I can use wisdom to learn to be super smart and super fast.
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    wisdom, of course. Being able to mind-melt people and turn them into zombie minions far outweighs the super strength and flight of the other two. Even then I could invent a jetpack and power armor or something and be none the worse off.

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    Wisdom, a strong mind guards from fear.

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    Strength all the way

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    So I was going into this thread thinking we would choose between normal, human levels of each power... and then suddenly there's tons of sweet comic book additions. So not only will I stick to wisdom because I would be smart enough to recognize it's significance over power/speed, but apparently I get to toss shit with my mind too! That's a definite plus.
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    Unbalanced choices to be honest... No need to rush, if I wanna fly I'll stand on something and move that with my mind and I have no need for strength if I can move stuff with my mind. Besides, even without disadvantages I'd go with wisdom anyway.

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    The only drawback i see to wisdom is that other people wouldn't understand you and probaly think you where a monster. People fear what they don't understand.

    Thenn again seeing as if u that smart u will think of something to make the dumb masses fall in line.

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    Speed, easily. Being able to fly (without mechanical help) is everyones dream.. unless you're afraid of heights I guess. It would be an amazing feeling for sure.

    You'd feel extremely alone being 100 times smarter than even the smartest human, because you couldn't share your thoughts with anyone, or slowly and in small bits at a time. You could help humanity advance way, way beyond what it could muster on its own.. you could also fiddle around with everyones heads until they can finally understand you again.. but in a way you'd loose who you were and everyone you knew and loved, because you could no longer appreciate them for the same things as your old self did, and if you manipulate them in such a way that they could understand you, then they'd also cease to be the same people you knew. Doesn't sound worth it.
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    Wisdom. You can just out-smart those strength fanatics and with time you will get the speed addicts.

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    Speed - so I could prank people so bad!

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    would strength grant superior sexual performance aswell?

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    You kind of screwed up your own question. IMO it should have gone

    strength-super strength (think hulk) and damage resistance with normal intelligence

    wisdom-super intelligence (think lex luthor) with psychic powers but normal human physical capabilities

    agility-super speed (think flash) and cat like reflexes but normal strength and intell

    Under these options I would pick agility everytime

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    I'd choose wisdom and then build Iron Man's suit.
    "You're messing with my zen thing, man!"

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    Idk I came here thinking Wisdom because it is the foundation of understanding and that would really be amazing.
    Speed sounds great too. You could do so much with that.
    Str.. well does that just too open to manipulation.

    Speed.. Well wouldn't being able to hit someone a billion times a second or something stupid make up for lack of strength, and wouldn't thinking faster then anything else also make up for lack of wisdom?
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    Shouldn't it be Strength, Wisdom, and Courage?

    Triforce and all that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geminiwolf View Post
    If you were to punch an ordinary man, to him, it would feel like a little child hitting him.
    that already sounds like me but i cant lift things with my mind and im not that smart. :3

    Dont know... Speed for flying around or Wisdom for letting things flying around. I think i would pick Wisdom for some pew pew stuff.

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    Wisdom, so i can make myself rich and sucessfull. also make better decisions in life!
    Though strength is good too, i'd be a wrestler or cage fighter and make big money :@ but no wisdom over all :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Honzi View Post
    I'd choose wisdom and then build Iron Man's suit.
    I was thinking the exact same thing just now

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roggles View Post
    Choices seem unbalanced. With wisdom weakness is not an issue since you have psychic powers.
    indeed it does seem to be some balance issues here. Imo the str perk should keep the inteligence of normal humans just to balance it out. Also i would pick wisdom.

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