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    Speed if it was an addition to myself as I am right now. I don't want to become stupid.

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    I don't think wisdom is the right word for it, more like incredible intellect. Wisdom is how wise you are not how smart you are.

    But wisdom.

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    wisdom, ill build my self super strength/speed implants.

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    Each ability has its own uniqueness , but I would choose Wisdom.

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    It is the Rock-paper-scissors scenario, the fast one won't ever be able to beat the strong one, he'll be able to dominate the wise one, and the wise one will easily win against the strong one.

    I'd choose speed, 'cause it's funnier than the other ones.

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    Wisdom. Invent strength and speed enhancing cybernetics and you make the other choices obsolete. Augmentations or an exoskeleton would work as well, could also switch to a synthetic body altogether.

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    I think wisdom is the clear winner because, as many have already mentioned, it can eventually provide you with greater strength and speed

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