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    Healing tips for H spine 10m

    So my guild has finally been able to get some attempts into doing H spine 10m but we only had about 2 attempts. Im usually MS shadow but guild needed me to go healing for this fight. my offspec is disc as i usually feel more comfortable with it cause of less mana issue. I've searched around on various tips and suggestions on what i should be doing but they all vary. So i had a couple questions for any fellow priest that can help me out on how to better prepared for this fight!

    armory http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...Exjay/advanced
    raid comp:
    blood DK, prot pally
    arcane mage, spriest, boomkin, ele shaman, rogue
    resto shaman, holy pally, me (disc atm)

    1. Which is the preferred spec? holy or disc? one of the officers said that i should try holy tomorrow night since the higher throughput can get rid of the searing plasma faster. My concern is that im not sure if ill feel comfortable with my spirit (3.2k) and i havent tried holy at all this tier. Also im on dispel duty.

    2. Is AA spec necessary for this fight? I can understand prenerf, but tonight dps was not an issue at all on tendons. we got to 3rd plate both attempts but wipes were caused by bloods attacking healers and dps.

    3. what is the preferred secondary stats? my current set i reforged mainly all to haste and some of it is from my shadow set.

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    1. I run disc on that fight, although Holy is just as capable of healing Spine as well but I and our other priest do double disc. Barrier when the amalg does it's AoE damage is really useful, and PW:S on players that are gripped.

    2. No it's not, I actually use a non AA spec during spine, I rarely smite since I'm healing debuffs off majority of the time, and even when I do smite it's only a few times to kill a corruption.

    3. I'd pick Haste then Crit/Mastery.

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    1. Disc is much more valuable for this fight. Your officer doesn't know the importance shield can make on a gripped target with plasma, in addition the other 2 classes you are healing with are super optimal for this fight so they should be pumping numbers while you (obviously will be lower) provide utility of shields and the dispel mechanic. If you have Heart of Unliving (get rid of that terrible spirit trinket you have on now, the intellect of another trink will be better). http://www.askmrrobot.com/wow/gear/priestdiscipline for a list of disc trinkets (go for jaws of defeat if you can, even the core of ripeness is better b/c you're gonna want static int not burst imo)

    2. No, AA is no longer required for this fight.

    3. Well considering if you are doing the T14 4 set for shadow, you should be mastery reforging b/c it takes better advantage of the 4 set. But in terms of disc priests, you should run haste>>crit>mastery if you are doing tons of PoH spamming. But for this fight i would run haste>mastery>crit b/c you are more than likely throwing out 1 shield per 3 PoH's, this increases the value of mastery.

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    what talent build do you guys run? i was thinking of speccing out of inspiration and strength of soul and put them into veiled shadows and mabye surge of light?

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    If you are handling the stuns correctly, the victims shouldn't be hit for more than once. (most of the time 0) Therefore shields are mostly useless, except for rapture and emergency situations. The spec won't matter too much, just be efficient in your spell selection.

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    In my group I need AA, since I find I need ~80% mana beginning of 3rd plate with a shadowfiend available before 6th burn to not be hopelessly oom by the end.

    In my other group, our disc priest runs standard SoS but they have 2 manatides (pretty strange for a 10man but it works wonders).

    AA is situational depending on how that last plate is going.

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    If you are the only disc in the raid (wich you are) Disc rules. Shields shield players from damage (duh) so the debuff doesnt affect players taking dmg you shield them!
    PoH glyphed gives nice aegis and HoT's
    As a Disc you cant really go oom, You should get a ICD tracker for Rapture.
    Running with 3k Spirit is more then enough if you get spine trinket on normal mode 2.5k is mooooooooore then i have ever needed.
    Fights like morchok/ultrax hc dont even draw me oom any more and on normal Madness im actually trying to get oom through doin some dps

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    Just downed this tonight, with your comp, I would prob recommend Holy. I did it with the exact same comp, and Holy worked out REALLY well. Here's what I did.

    1. Reforge crit, heavy crit. Renew will be your bread and butter spell. Stay in Sanc or Seren, whatever your preference is, both work equally well. If you go Holy, you want as much Spirit as you can get your hands on. Also, you will be using Inner Will, it makes a HUGE difference in your mana.
    2. AA not necessary. I personally don't like it, up to you, but DPS should have more than enough DPS to do it.

    You should be top debuff heals. I personally was almost 2 mil above the Holy Pally. Can't remember where the resto shammy was. With tides, you should not have much mana issues, and IMO you do not need PW:B and SLT, thus why I like Holy better, can be a life saver to clear some debuffs away in a pinch before rolls or if you get in a bad situation.

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    Oh hi, fellow KJer ^^

    Holy and Disc are both viable for H Spine. Without a Resto Druid though, I would suggest going Holy. Divine Hymn is really powerful for rolls (combined with SLT), and really helps with knocking off debuffs. To gauge a little bit of how powerful it is, DH ends up being my top heal almost every week on Spine with a low, maybe 5% overheal. SLT and Barrier would be a pretty crummy combo to use for rolls, and doesn't really assist with the debuffs.

    AA is rarely mandatory, although it's something I always pick up for Disc (I like to Smite during any downtime versus PoH spamming to build Aegis).

    I choose Haste > Mastery > Crit for my secondary stats, although when I tried to progress on Spine as Disc, I think I reforged Mastery = Crit > Haste or something like that (basically lower priority on Haste). Whatever you have as your Shadow reforge should be fine. I raid in all 3 specs in DS (such a pain in the butt to respec ><), and I prioritize my Shadow's reforge first (hence my choice in secondary stats for my other specs).

    I recommend using Glyph of Fade. I personally need to have this glyph on every time we do Spine because of how much aggro I generate. Towards the end of the fight, I'm always fading on CD. Also swap your Barrier glyph for PoH. And if you're not going to be using AA, you can swap Divine Accuracy for something else (like Fade! ^^)

    3.2k spirit is more than enough for Disc. I once healed H Spine as Holy in all Shadow gear by accident O_O 1.6k spirit, I cried many tears inside. If I was able to do that (which I'm not sure how I pulled it off), then 3.2k spirit will be fine for you as Disc

    Divine Hymn: I would suggest you save yours for the last nuclear blast where things are kinda hectic, and have your spriest hymn during the last roll.
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    We had our priest try holy and disc, and found disc to be superior.

    Shields eliminated some issues in the end, being able to constantly kill bloods with shields on ppl with searing plasma allowing for still being able to heal the debuff and shields absorbing burst damage.

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    I personally run with about 2k spirit and have everything reforged for Haste to 1994 rating then Crit after that. Works extremely well for me, I mainly only use bubbles now to get Rapture procs to ensure I keep mana. Our team is like yours, Resto Shaman, H Pally, Disc priest, and I just spam greater heal, binding heal, and Heal to heal the searing plasma debuff the whole time. During the 2nd and 3rd rolls I also use my barrier to shield the raid of the Amalg dmg when we clean up the bloods for the rolls and Divine Hymn if necessary, otherwise I save it for when we start taking alot of blood dmg during the 2nd tendon pop on the 3rd plate.

    EDIT: here is my armory if you want to look at it http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...C3%AB/advanced

    Also, during tendon pops I generally smite spam to get the extra dps out and to build evang stacks for when we stack up for blood clean up again for that extra 15% healing while spamming PoH glyphed.
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    My group heals that fight with a Holy Priest (me), a Disc Priest and a Resto Shaman. The resto shaman pretty much just dispels and keeps a healing rain down to proc the 10% dmg reduction and heals the tanks. The Disc spams PoH on the groups to stack DA to absorb the blood explosions. I just heal off the absorbtion debuffs by myself.

    Holy is really good at healing the debuffs off. I just Serenity > Greater Heal spam the debuff off. Usually I'll swap to the new debuff when it comes and echo of light or random AoE heals from the other 2 healers finish the first guy off. Usually I can stay ahead and only have 1 debuff up at a time. No mana issues either, Serenity > Greater heal spam is pretty much self sustained with high levels of spirit. Remember to binding heal when you and someone else has the debuff and to do a few flash heals as the add is about to explode to get rid of them all asap. Also Divine Hymn is amazing for the roll, the debuffs just vanish.

    Disc is good too depending on your set up. PoH spam pretty much prevents all raid damage from the blood explosions.

    I would reforge Spirit + Mastery for Holy or Spirit + Crit + Mastery for Disc on this fight. You just want to constantly chain big heals to stay ahead.

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    Saying AA isn't mandatory is kind of like saying Twin Disciplines isn't mandatory. Sure you could kill the fight without it, but WHY would you?

    The only difficult part on this fight now healing wise is rolls, specifically the 3rd roll. By going AA you gain 15% healing boost during this period, and all you lose is ToT/SoS that doesn't benefit you at all in this period. I would choose one of these talent builds...

    http://www.wowhead.com/talent#bfrorRsbckMochMZ0b if you cast Gheal a lot, many disc priests just use PoH though
    http://www.wowhead.com/talent#bfGorRsbcoMochMZ0b if you don't

    You could also drop mental agility & get focused will, although to be honest that last point (to be put into Mental Agility/Focused/ToT/SoS) is kinda pointless. It doesn't really matter where you put it. Do get Veiled Shadows, it should allow fiends to coincide with tendons. Use fiend on the 1st tendon 1st time, 2nd tendon 1st time, and 3rd plate when needed.

    Get enough spirit so you don't have mana problems. I had around 3.2k pre nerf, probably need a lot less now. Try to use AA on cd for throughput + mana returns, but hold back if doing this means you won't have it ready for barrel rolls (NEVER use AA during tendons).

    Reforge for haste > crit > mastery, although if your overhealing is very high (it may well be on this fight) then try to average out your stats since mastery will become more effective. Generally the more overhealing you do the better mastery becomes.

    Other spine heroic thread, don't want to repeat myself :-x MOAR INFO HERE although some of it might be outdated I don't know

    Don't use PI on CD, use it for barrel rolls ONLY


    That being said I do think Holy is probably better when playing without RDruid. Holy is superior on debuff healing, so if that is your issue then I would go down that route. They also provide better burst healing on the 3rd roll too which as I said before should be the only hard part.

    Then again, if you're crap at playing the spec maybe it's not a good idea. They're both fairly similar on 10man so I don't think you will be hindering yourself going disc.


    Personally I'd advocate saving all CDs for rolls now (personals (GoAK/Wings/PI/sham 4set) + raid (DH/Bubble/AM/SLT)), since this really is the only point that can kill you... By rolls I mean any time between the plate being lifted & the barrel roll being cast. I don't specifically mean when you're all stacked. This has been the case for a long time, although people still seem to use CDs on amalgamation 9stacks when it isn't required at all. They then proceed to die during rolls because the debuffs stack up & people take too much burst damage. If you're having problems with amalgamation 9 stacks then shout at your DPS to kill it faster when it gets stacks.
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