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    Question Advanced Class Conundrum

    Ok so I am leveling a smuggler and I have some questions:

    1). Does the dirty-fighting tree give a gunslinger more mobility and less reliance on cover? and if so how much (every now and then or very often)?

    2). Which class goes best with dirty-fighting? and why?

    3). How different of a feel is the scoundrel as opposed to the operative?

    4). Does dirty-fighting (either class) do well in PVE? and why?

    5). What is the meaning of life? (JK you don't have to answer that one :P)

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    1- You will still be relying on cover as a gunslinger, but Dirty Fighting will allow you to do damage while on the move as well, since your special abilities do not require cover.
    2- Dirty Fighting is similar for both classes, but it adds more versatility to a Scoundrel than it does to a Slinger, because it allows a Scoundrel to be out of melee range for the majority of its attacks.
    3- Scoundrel and Operative are the same class
    4- I have not seen a side-by-side comparison of the 2 classes yet, but they should be roughly similar, but it gives more breathing room to a Scoundrel due to range.

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    As an operative/scoundrel I've played all 3 specs. The only time I use cover is to quickly roll into it to get away from people or for explosive probe and the odd snipe.

    Snipers/gunslingers use it much more often

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