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    Quote Originally Posted by Madruga View Post
    It just was not very nice to Illidan, to be put away from the expansion final boss throne like this.
    The burning crusade IS KJ, not Illidan. Illidan was easier to market I think.
    Let's look at the test results. You are a horrible person. It says right here, you're a horrible person. We weren't even testing that. Don't let the horrible person thing get you down though. Science justified your parents choice to abandon you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wulfstan View Post
    stupid to vote for sunwell since nobody completed it (except hardcore guilds)
    It honestly was not that bad, compared to original Naxxramas. Naxx was just a giant fuckfest of "you must complete your set bonus to continue" and "stack every world buff before you attempt Loatheb or you're fucked."

    We got stuck on Brutallus for 2 weeks until we were lucky enough to have two MH glaives drop back to back for our rogues, which turned Brutallus into mincemeat. By the time we got to M'uru, it was 2-3 weeks before the nerf to the Shadowsword Belves, and KJ was just a big ol coordination check.

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    I'm assuming that the few people that voted for DS don't have any experience with the previous raids. Wasn't RS the final raid in WotLK?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lickmun View Post
    I'm assuming that the few people that voted for DS don't have any experience with the previous raids. Wasn't RS the final raid in WotLK?
    It was a 1 boss raid designed to bridge the gap between WotLK and Cataclysm, and start to tell the storyline. Most people consider it to be the beginning of Cataclysm content.

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    the whole raid was crap (exept putricide) but LK fight was... wow

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    ICC because I was in the best guild (in terms of fun I had playing) at that time.
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    Original Naxx, then Black Temple. Illidan was the best end boss.

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    I have to go with ICC. I started playing in BC and by the time SWP came out, I was only just beginning to learn what heroics were.

    WotLK was where I evolved from a nub to a 'good' player. I raided Naxx, EoE, Ulduar (although I only got up to Hodir before it was replaced with ToGC).

    ToGC was alright for what it was. Was definitely a filler though.

    ICC was the first end-raid I had ever completed, so it earns a special spot with me.

    DS is alright, I suppose. I'm kinda torn between whether I like the DW fights and whether I don't. On the one hand, it's good to have a fight against a dragon that isn't the usual "Tank him sideways so his breath & tail swipe doesn't hit the raid", but on the other, it didn't feel like I was actually fighting "DEATHWING, THE DESTROYER!!". I expected to feel weak and insignificant with Deathwing standing over my raid, ready to fry us all with his flame breath. Instead, I fought a bunch of adds on a platform, then suddenly found myself on one of four platforms. One each of those platforms, I smashed a glowing red pillar until it fell off. To really appreciate the epicness of fighting Deathwing, you had to scale your camera way back & angle it in such a way that you could actually see Deathwing squirming in the background.

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    Because it ended up in the opening post, I have to ask those who say "heroic ICC was a joke lol": when did you start progression on Heroic? How many weeks did it take you to kill normal Lich King and start knocking out "easy" bosses? Because as I recall, only something like a hundred or so guilds in the US kicked down normal Lich King before the first stack of the blanket buff went out - which, considering that's about how many guilds also finished heroic Lich King before 4.0.3, isn't a whole lot.

    People always seem to love to parade about proclaiming how simple the instance was on heroic "except HLK obvz lol", yet it wasn't. About half the bosses weren't too terrible, and the rest ranged between "challenging" and "nightmarish". Lady Deathwhisper was easily one of the hardest fights in that whole instance, and a total nightmare that demanded incredible execution. Did you know that you're actually supposed to kite the pink ghosts she spawns, and if you're level 80 in appropriate gear but without a 30% health increase those ghosts kill not only you but everyone else within a generous range of you?

    Oh, what's that? You didn't start clearing Heroic ICC bosses until Lich King had been out four or five months?


    Lootship has always been beyond pathetic. Deathwhisper, Saurfang, Putricide, the Princes, Valithria, and Sindragosa were all genuinely difficult and satisfyingly challenging encounters when you weren't being carried by a goofy throughput increase. My guild during ICC progression floated around rank 15 US, and we only cleared 9/12 H before the first buff went out. Icecrown Citadel was a very well constructed instance from the point of view of a raider looking for a challenge. Unlike Sunwell and Naxx40 before it, however, it was nerfed early and often in the name of accessibility.

    So just a friendly heads up, if you started into ICC during the summer of 2010 and found yourself dealing with "easy" or "undertuned" fights - well, guess what? Blizzard had by that point significantly nerfed them such that they were "easy" and "undertuned".

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    Sunwell wins for me. I just love the whole feel of the place. KJ is my favourite kill.

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    Unfortunately I wasn't a big raider in Classic, I only saw some of the starting raids(I did see much of AQ though, via PTR), but never did Naxx. Can't comment on that.

    Sunwell was a visually stunning, with amazing fights, and wonderful fun for all who could handle the difficulties.

    ICC was, in my opinion, the second(ulduar being #1) best raid released to date. Very nicely tuned, incredibly fun mechanics - this raid was my (2nd) favorite to date.

    DS is trash. No part of this raid was fun, nor enjoyable. The mechanics are simplistic, the models are re-used or re-skinned, the last boss is literally trash fights(two in a row), No part of this was good or fun. This is the worst raiding experience I've had since day 1. The story isn't very coherent(Who are these enemies, and why do I care?), the trash isn't difficult, nor fun(0 enjoyable mechanics), the bosses are rarely interesting(Mor'chok is stonecore bosses mixed. Zon'ozz is a tank and spank on normal with slight movement, and on heroic he's normal+trash... Yor'sahj is a tank and spank with spreading/stacking. woo kill adds occasionally. Hagara is the only half-decent boss in there, and I'd barely call her that. Ultraxion is a button test, Warmaster is a trash fight, followed by a very basic fight with all of 2 mechanics+a tank swap. Spine was the first time I've ever had a raider fall asleep mid-fight, because it was that uninteresting. Madness Is another trash fight.... only time you hit the boss - is after 10 minutes of fighting trash).

    DS is the worst thing to come to wow. Period.

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    Ulduar I would say, but within the chooses ICC for enjoyment, Naxx for Length and Sunwell for Difficulty

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    My personal favorite is probably Ulduar, but of the ones you listed I would have to say ICC. To be honest, there were some fights I didn't really care for in ICC, but overall it was pretty good. The main thing that kicks it ahead of the others for me personally is that LK is by far my favorite raid fight in the game. WoW, to me, always felt like the entire point was to get the LK, which made it feel so epic... And the mechanics were awesome too.

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    I vote sunwell...................tho I was expecting a thread on what the best final raid for wow as a whole would be.

    anyone else expect the same?

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    Even though we had to be in that place for a year... Icecrown Citadel is the best so far.

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    being honest, ICC because i couldn't enjoyed the joy of raiding on old naxx and couldn't made sunwell

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yoshimiko View Post
    DS is the worst thing to come to wow. Period.
    I disagree and say that ToC was abit worse imo. I hated it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheEaterofSouls View Post
    I disagree and say that ToC was abit worse imo. I hated it.
    Well the discussion is about End raid VS End raid :P so I'm not going to list anything other then the final raid, Why I didn't count RS their was simple

    One single boss that's a filler <.<

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    Quote Originally Posted by falinn View Post
    Not gonna lie, if I could choose two, Naxx would be right up there with ICC. The big problem I had with Naxx was the rogues that used to sneak in and grab all my rightous orbs! Haha, jk. Naxx provided a wonderful raiding environment. I really enjoyed the revamped version as well!
    The original was the best IMO... they butchered the revamp, many of the old mechanics were no longer there, and the fights just werent nearly as challenging.

    ICC is definitely my favorite though

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    You can't compare Naxx 40 man with ICC or Sunwell Plateau, Because it's just a different game.. IMO.

    But if i have to vote one.. ICC.
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