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  • Naxx[Original]

    97 13.98%
  • Sunwell

    177 25.50%
  • ICC

    398 57.35%
  • DS

    22 3.17%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyrven View Post
    Most ppl didn't even set foot in there much less kill a boss. While many ppl on here claim to have cleared it unless every single player that ever did happens to be active mmo-champ forum posters several are lying like crazy.

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    Odd since I am pretty sure that would have made you top 150 or so in the world and I am pretty sure higher then that.
    Don't think we were 150 in the us let alone the world, in fact there was around 5 or 6 guilds on our sever that was a head of us.

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    My vote's for Sunwell, easily one of the best designed and most difficult raids in WoW, actually took some thinking and gearing to be able to do it.

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    ICC Hands down it is still my favorite raid ever (followed by KZ)

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    You could have added Black Temple to that list, was sort of a final raid for a good while
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    Ulduar > all nothing will ever pass it imo
    It was pretty much perfect now i think of it i'm going to make a transmog ulduar run once i log in now

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marooned View Post
    You could have added Black Temple to that list, was sort of a final raid for a good while
    Didn't end the expansion, Can't count it. Just like Uldaur was a flawless raid itself; It didn't finish the expansion and no I'm not going to count RS <.<

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    On Overall terms, ICC would be the best

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    Voted SWP due to how epic entering the Inner Sanctum was.

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    Voted ICC, at first I wasn't because we were in there for so long, but then I realized we were only talking about the instance itself. :x

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    Hard choice for me. Its either naxx or swp.
    I didnt experience DS and i never really felt connected to ICC. Something was missing there, it just didnt feel like he other 2 end raids.

    Naxx was a masterpiece. Very good raid design, atmosphere, item design and item sets. Good amount of bosses which were also not all the same.
    Also a decent difficulty. Even "bad" guilds could do some bosses (spider, noth, instructor). The end bosses were pretty hard though, the amount of farmign/pots/buffs
    were pretty insane.
    The rehash of naxx at level 80 was kinda boring. Some abilities did almost the same damage as level 60, some nerfed, some removed. HP of the bosses were low compared to level 80 standards etc.
    It was just a faceroll and boring after 1-2 clears.

    SWP was also a pretty good instance, short than Naxx but on the same level for me. Good design again, nice items and good bosses with different mechanics/fight designs.
    It was truly an instance for people that were clearing T6 for quite a while and it was challenging on day one, even though many guilds killed the first 3 bosses on the first week. That doesnt mean they were easy.
    SWP with dual spec mechanics would have been perfect. The respec required after each fight (especially for some of our paladins) were insance (gbank paid it though).
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    I didn't start playing until TBC so no original Naxx for me.

    I got a chance to hit SWP at lvl 70 with my first guild and Kalecgos wiped us like crazy and I think we stopped there and i didn't see it again until 80.

    ICC was enjoyable raiding experience for me and i happen to be in a great guild at the time too.

    I only had a chance to see DS LFR before deployment and I thought it was fun but a little too fast. I would have like to see it on normal and hero but I don't think I will get a chance to see it as current content.

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