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    Best final raid in WoW

    Lets begin shall we?

    I personally found ICC to be very good however enough upon heroic and such, Most of the bosses were undertuned other then the exception of Putricide and well obviously Heroic LK for obvious cases. Only problem with ICC it lasted way far too long, Like WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY too long -.-

    Your turn

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    I have to agree with Alcatraz, ICC was an amazing raid and really did will at pulling you into the story. Wish we could have saw a bit more of Jaina within the raid though.

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    This is pretty much intended to shit all over DS, with SWP and ICC going neck and neck. I'm okay with this.

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    stupid to vote for sunwell since nobody completed it (except hardcore guilds)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wulfstan View Post
    stupid to vote for sunwell since nobody completed it (except hardcore guilds)
    Calm your self, The site maybe a minority in terms of how many people exist upon the game itself however I'm sure there's many here who've experienced it / Finished it. Experiencing is as fine even

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    the one where wow developers take baseball bats and feed the wow community what it really deserves.

    Post constructively
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    This does still apply to people who have gone and done the raids well after they were current content. I assume the criteria are things like looks, atmosphere, bosses, boss mechanics, difficulty, etc.


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    Not gonna lie, if I could choose two, Naxx would be right up there with ICC. The big problem I had with Naxx was the rogues that used to sneak in and grab all my rightous orbs! Haha, jk. Naxx provided a wonderful raiding environment. I really enjoyed the revamped version as well!

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    Well i loved Black temple but it wasn't really end boss ill say Icc with u. I don't mind DS it just got boring too quick(still raiding though! XD). Icc lasted too long but still enjoy the atmosphere of the place plus who doesn't love lk?

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    For me it goes in the order the poll is presented..


    Though i would still rank Ulduar above all of these raids. Gorgeous design and bosses with multiple difficulties. I honestly thought Blizz was entering the renaissance of raid design, and then we got ToGC (-.-)

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    I voted for ICC. The environment, feel, lore and boss fights were designed very well. A lot of the bosses brought a rich background and interesting mechanics.

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    I didn't see it during Vanilla but man I do love Naxx. Vanilla was pretty unfocused in its raid content though, just a bunch of fairly random encounters. In BC it was all about Illidan, but they kind of messed up story-wise by not making BT the final tier. I mean retaking the Sunwell and fighting Kil'Jaeden is pretty cool, but still...

    Wrath was end-to-end about the Lich King (with a some strong side plots about Malygos - I think more should've been made of this but that's another topic - and Ulduar) and culminated in ICC which is from a storytelling perspective very strong. For unified theme I'd have to vote ICC I guess.

    I like the fight against Deathwing in DS, particularly Spine... just wish Madness had had another phase with a bit more RP in it. But Cata's storytelling was kind of all over the place.

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    ICC was and probably will for ever be the only end game raid I ever did and ever found interest in doing.

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    I don't understand why so many picked ICC. So many complained about it being overly easy, and having the same problem that Firelands had. To further screw on Blizzard, Firelands came after ICC and their new philosophies on raiding, as so they claimed.

    I picked Sunwell. I never did it during tbc, since I was a noob back then. But I've seen the instance as a whole and I did clear it many times at level 80 and 85. The architecture, the music, the lore, and not to mention, the difficulty of such bosses. Even at level 80, 25 man full raids would screw up on each boss if they did something wrong or if their dps wasn't just on par. Funny enough since its level 70 end game content and level 80s can't even commit to the high dps as well. And lets not forget, that this was actually a good ending for the burning crusade raiding era. Think about it, all of the raids before Sunwell had some form of lore that lead all the way up Kael'Thas and Kil'Jaedon and their defeat most splendidly. Gruul seemed to me like a filler, but I am sure it had some lore (didn't read up to it).

    Vanilla was just vanilla. Random raids everywhere but it was done on purpose to lead up to the other raids and instances in future expansions.

    Wrath was done in my opinion very poorly. Sartharion was random. Malygos had fantastic lore but I don't think they lead up to him the best they could've. One boss in this raid instance and we're talking about one of the mighty aspects. It seemed easy to get to him. Ulduar was fantastic as Yogg was the main big bro that got Arthas fucked (if I remember correctly) but then Toc came in and just... well... let's face it, it was a filler. And Icecrown Citadel, the area before the instance had many many undead mobs and elites but they didn't seem that frightening since you could just fly through them. In Sunwell, you investigate the area around the sunwell... so yeah...

    I'm just going on a rant. But yes, I still to this day, will consider Burning Crusade my finest wow memories, despite me quitting and never getting them back .

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    I never got to raid Naxx40 but I loved 40mans back then so I imagine it wouldve been my favourite if I had the opportunity.

    However out of everything else, it would have to be Sunwell. Fantastic encounters, enough roleplaying to make it feel like things were happening without obnoxious cutscenes (I enjoyed watching Brutallus and Madrigosa fight in-game), THE greatest endboss so far (KJ climbing out of the Sunwell is almost impossible to match), and interesting Armor and Weapon designs (mainly weapons) and even IQD progression all added up to something greater than the sum of its parts.

    ICC was a good raid as well but I felt the final bastion of the King of nearly all Undead was a bit light on, y'kno, undead.

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    I actually preferred Naxramas. It was very challenging, but also fun, new, and unique. So many cool boss mechanics and memorable bosses, like the four horsemen. Very well done.

    They also had some of the coolest items like Ateish, the only legendary that ever changed form depending on which class held it, and the rare Corrupted Ashbringer which is still coveted to this day and looked upon with extreme jelly by all those without one. It was also the final 40-man raid.
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    Rolling with ICC on this one. It was a solid raid in its own right, and I loved the architecture, aesthetic, and music. I was a little disappointed with the gunship battle, but it was still fun. Truthfully, I don't see a final raid topping it.

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    ICC frankly because i had the opportunity to raid it in heroic until the death of the lich king and the glorious moment of earning my light of dawn title.

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    Naxx and Sunwell were impossible to even enter if you had anything on your plate or if you hadn't started raiding at the very beginning.
    DS is too short and anticlimactic (Deathwing just pops).

    Quote Originally Posted by Kickbuttmario View Post
    I don't understand why so many picked ICC. So many complained about it being overly easy
    No, the vocal minority complained about it, most people are sensible.
    Garrosh did nothing wrong.

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    ICC was not undertuned, the vast majority of guilds cleared the heroic version with at least the 5% buff active. I don't know a single player who was clearing heroic bosses without.

    Was it too easy at a whopping thirty bloody percent increased health/damage/healing? This shouldn't be a surprise. The difference between SWP and ICC is that SWP never had a 30% buff (and the bosses losing health was bad enough, but it still is nothing compared to the ICC buff).

    Anyway, I much preferred the story behind SWP, and the overall look of the place. It's hard to say if the bosses were more fun when there were only half as many, although Sindragosa definitely doesn't help ICC win my vote (you might say she betraaAAaAaaAAaaAAAAAys the cause).

    Also I feel like the only person who hated Ulduar. Such a boring ass raid, was sick of the place two weeks after it came out. Crappy art, too.
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