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    I also, finally, got my invite. 04 account/AP first day, been patiently waiting.

    I am happy I finally got it, but the flood gates are open now. Gonna be a packed house.

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    Just got my account flagged, this account has been active since late 07 and signed up for AP roughly 4 weeks ago. However my friend hasn't had his account flagged yet so I wouldn't say all AP are getting invited.

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    I still don't have it.

    We'll see in the morning..

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    Quote Originally Posted by HolyHammerStrike View Post
    You seem to have a creepy-hacker-secret admirer buying you games sir.
    dont screw with me man.. thats scary.

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    Can confirm I just got mine.

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    I'm in as well

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    Yep, saw this post and checked my account and I'm in as well.

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    I just got it myself. I'm a 2009 Account US with like, 20 months paid because idgaf.

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    Just checked, thanks OP! Got in, and oddly...a SCII Beta...which I'm not signed up for...meh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fabled View Post
    Just checked, thanks OP! Got in, and oddly...a SCII Beta...which I'm not signed up for...meh.
    ME TOO! see what I mean.. but no Beta q_q

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    just got it too althought it says ptr and not beta and im stuck at connecting
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rorcanna View Post
    This is a game, and yet a "a whole bunch" of people treat it with a seriousness that would befit solving the world hunger or saving the planet.

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    Please use the dedicated thread. It's easier to keep it all in there. (Let me know if I need to change the title of the thread, I'm not really sure what wave number we're at anymore..)
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