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    Warlock DPS help on Madness Heroic

    Hi guys,

    We just downed spine this week and started attempts on madness. I have this lock in my raid and his dps has always been notoriously low on madness. I feel he is a little low for his gear level. Could anyone shine some light on how he can increase his DPS? Any tips at all would be helpful.

    Armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...dream/advanced
    WoL: http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/ulc45wqn94hv8f79/

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    Just a quick few things I noticed looking at the armory page.

    1. That's a ton of Haste, and with the haste buff on Spine, quite a bit of it is going to go to waste especially during bloodlust (If the lock usually goes destro, not sure about demo).
    2. That trinket could use a replacement.
    3. This is a very minor note, but it looks like he's using quite a few epic gems in the gear he has. The think is he's using two rare gems in his belt which is Heroic, just something that I thought was odd.
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    For starters, I'd strongly recommend he switches to affliction for this fight. Destro gains much less damage from the haste buff than affliction, and has less opportunity to cheese spell weave damage on the bloods. There's a pretty detailed guide for affliction available on the official warlock forums. I can't post links on these forums yet, but have him go to the blizzard lock forums, and look for "Dragon Soul Hard Modes - Warlock Edition" and skip ahead to page nine.

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    search tool is your friend most of the time ... ^^
    http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/to...0773960?page=9 would be the link leTwick means
    And here the last madness hc thread ... there was some information on spellweave in there I think

    Also Affliction is hands down our best specc for this fight ...

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    With the current 15% nerf on Madness 25H, i'm currently doing 80k as demo (rank 43), 81.5k as affli (rank 180), and 79.5k as destro (rank 50) ... I just couldn't get high in affliction as our raid is currently tearing the mobs apart faster and faster each weak, they get despawned, man !

    But all in al, doing high dps is all about blood whoring on that encounter. And your own dps is completely tied to your raid partners dps on the bloods : if they don't go full out, you will do better.
    And the fact that wether you keep one or a few up or not is heaven or hell. Just for information, on one specific try where we manage to keep 1-2 bloods on each plateform, and i was at 130k after we did green-red-yellow... So the key to dps ranking is abusing bloods.

    But if you wanna check what your players are doing and if they are actually doing it well, you might want to filter out the spellweave, that might help you better analyze what your warlock is doing wrong. To do so, go to Analyze => Damage done and enter spell != "Spellweave" in the text box in the lower left corner, then press enter :
    - If he's now in the pack, that means only that he's not abusing the bloods "enough" (which is unimportant, as they just need to tie).
    - If he's still behind, that means he's not playing the encounter well, and you might find out better what should be done better.

    TL;DR : Proper kill is about doig proper dps outside of spellweave, proper ranking is all about spellweave and blood whoring.

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