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    Stuck, questing and levelling flow post-Taris.

    So, I started a new character on a new server, a Sith Sorcerer, and everything was fine until I got to Taris.

    Taris is my least enjoyable planet. It's dark, has an odd flow and a lot of rakghouls. I hate rakghouls, especially as a caster. I realised I was progressing a little too fast too late, and ended up finishing both my class story and the planet's story at level 33. (I grouped up for the final mission which made it cakewalk.)

    I remember Taris being a horrendously bad zone for optimization but figured they had sorted most of the problems out, and since I was such a lower level than what is recommended for Quesh (36+ I believe) I decided to try and do the bonus series for Taris, usually I hate the bonus chains since they're generic kill X talk to Y style missions and are literally a cut off from the main plot of the planet. Taris is ofcourse no exception.

    But, the optimization problems are still rampant around the Taris bonus zones; and feel even worse. Tracking and completing objectives in the areas you go to murder your framerate and my PC is easily capable of getting 70+ FPS with everything on high, so it's no pushover. I abandoned the missions and got off Taris as fast as I could before my game locked up.

    So now, I'm sat on my ship at level 33 with an objective to go to a level 36+ zone and no way of going back to Taris to do the bonus chain in the hopes I can get to a reasonable level for Quesh. I'm not even sure the bonus chain would give me enough experience to get me to 35.

    Is there anything I can do besides spamming Space Combat for experience? Or would I be ok to go to Quesh at level 33 and not have my levelling flow ruined, or get annihilated by the higher level mobs on Quesh?

    Sorry for the wall of text, found it difficult to dissolve what I had to say into 3 or 4 lines.

    Thanks for reading.

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    Quesh is a short planet, and everything is pretty tough if you're not at the right level. At 33 I'd recommend you go back to Alderran, even though I absolutely hated that planet. See if you completed all of these missions: http://www.torhead.com/missions/catg...l/25-38/page/1

    You could also run a few warzones or flashpoints. If you could find a higher level player to join you in the foundry, you could probably see a couple levels just from the two instances.

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    You have Extricate. Huttball is a LOT of fun with Extricate. Warzones are a good way to get XP, as the previous poster mentioned. At the very least, try to do the PvP daily every day, it adds a decent chunk of XP. You can save your warzone comms for 50, or buy the level 40 pvp gear, which speeds up your questing.

    Flashpoints are a good source of XP also, if you can find a group on the fleet. You may have to go between Alderaan and the fleet to find enough people your level to make the group work. I believe there is a Flashpoint Daily which will give a chunk of XP.

    Space missions aren't bad either. Get the latest ship upgrades and do the dailies every day.

    If you finished Taris at 33, you were a little low when you finished Alderaan too. If you did the PvP daily and Space dailies every day, you'd never be "behind" the level range for the planet stuff. (I did this with all my 50s). If you can find Flashpoint groups, thats even more of a bonus.

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    Have you given Quesh a try? When I leveled my stealth toon, I was consistently ~3 levels below most of the quests I got because of all the sneaking around I did, and I managed just fine. It did mean that I hit 50 with the Belsavis Bonus series even after finishing Corellia & Ilum, but if you make good use of cc and keep your gear up-to-date, I don't think it's entirely undoable to be underlevelled.

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    I had the opposite problem while leveling my sage, I did so many warzones that my class planet quests were always really low level by the time I got around to doing them. Helped that republic was winning about 80% of warzones pre 50 at the time.
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    People forget an easy way to get exp: Space Missions!
    Do them everyday + the daily lowbie pvp win and you should be able to keep up with the planet's lvls easily.
    Also Heroic4 quests if you can are repeatable once per day. Should help you catch up to where you should be.
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    Have you done the bonus missions on Nar Shaddaa? That should give you another level at least. Space missions and pvp are another avenue for experience. You can also run some flashpoints if you can find a group for them (the leveling FPs would be a pain to get a group for I imagine).

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    Thanks for all the replies .

    I managed to finish off the heroic 4 mans on Taris, it seems after abandoning the bonus missions the framerate problems stop - I guess it is something to do with tracking those objectives.

    I emptied the HoloNet of space missions and got those all done, and just finished doing about 4 warzones wich I completely forgot how fun they were - especially as a sorc. Throw lightning at ALL THE THINGS. Too bad Empire on my server seem to suck at everything except Huttball. I swear Alderaan is the most pointless WZ in the game. Whichever team gets middle first keeps it the entire game and the map is deliberately designed to not flow to each point smoothly.

    I'm a good 1/4 into level 34 now. so I guess I'll just keep up the wazones and space combat. I'll be heading to Quesh at level 35 I think. I should be able to catch up with my level on there and it's not like anything other than 3 strong mobs can kill me because well, Sith Inquisitor.

    And unfortunately yes - DPS Sorcerers are 10 a penny on my server (Tomb of Freedon Nadd) which makes levelling FP groups a pain to find - I think I saw two people advertising for a group to Foundry today and they already had 2 other DPS sorcs in both groups.

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    Right now at the very least I would recommend taking advantage of the rakghoul event. I know you hate them, but it's not the worst xp, and the rewards are decent enough. I've gained an extra level so far just doing the dailies, and I missed a day or two.

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