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    Can you do 40k+ DPS on Ultraxion?

    Then we want you!

    (A){Perfect Ten} of Bleeding Hollow is recruiting! We are looking for an exceptional ranged dps to fill a core spot in our 10 man group. Though we are 8/8hm, we are still raiding weekly and are looking for players to continue on with us to MoP, where we hope to push for server first! Applicants are required to have near perfect attendance since we do not use back ups. We require our applicants to know all the current content, show up to raids on time, and provide world of logs parses for consideration.

    Here is a log so you can see what would be expected:

    Range spots open:
    Moonkin or Shadow Priest but all exceptional dps will be considered.

    Raid Times:
    Mon and Tues 10-1 are our current times however we will permanently add Thursday night during progression, even Wednesday if needed also.

    If interested please contact me via Real ID: [email protected]
    Or apply on our website http://perfect10.guildlaunch.com/

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    Looking for dps with ranking parses

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