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    [H- Wyrmrest Accord- US] <Swords for Everyone> A guild for those with social anxiety

    <Swords for Everyone> on Wyrmrest Accord (Horde)

    We are a guild for those with social anxiety. Our goal is to create a no-pressure, judgement-free environment that enables members to explore aspects of the game that they have previously been kept from experiencing. Nothing is worse than not being able to do something in WoW (or any video game, or real life, for that matter) because you’re just too afraid or because you don't have anyone to turn to. Our intent is to establish an atmosphere, and even more so, a support network, that empowers those who are paralyzed by social situations and allows them to come, play, and be as they are.

    Anyone who has social anxiety (or a similar social disorder) who wants an understanding community to play WoW with. If you're someone who:

    • is terrified of public chat channels, including Vent (Mumble, Teamspeak, etc.)
    • starts hyperventilating when a dungeon or BG queue pops
    • has avoided large chunks of game content because of other players
    • immediately logs off for the rest of the day (or week) after a wipe because you fear that it was your fault
    • is nervous and sweaty just thinking about applying to this guild
    • experiences any other irrational (but entirely understandable) anxiety because of interactions with other players
    then you're probably a perfect fit. There are no specific requirements to join, aside from a completed application.

    Contact Cantafrond in-game or visit our website ( on Enjin. More contact information to come as soon as I'm eligible to post it on these forums.
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    Bumping so we can help more people.

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    Kitty Bumps! =(^_^)=

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    Bumpity bump for great guild

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    A bump for an awesome Guild!

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    Two weeks and counting.

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    Some more bumping.

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    This truly is an awesome guild, with awesome people. We have each of us struggled with SA issues in one form or another, and yet in two weeks we have reached guild level 4 and almost half way to level 5. People are seeing instances and content they never would have dreamed they would see. So, if the issues described in the description of the guild sound like you, come and give us a try!

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    Bumping to get us to level 5.

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    Bump for awesome sauce!

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    Need more people!

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    Like Canta said, more people would be good, and I know there are more people out there who could benefit from our type of guild! Don't be afraid to give us a try

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