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    First off you're a fucking moron if you think Blizzard doesn't owe us anything for locking into paying them 15 bucks a month for a year when Dragon Soul sucks ass and they gave us a terrible end exp boss that is essentially a 3 min fight repeated 4 times with minimal changes. In case anyone feels like calling me out to say yeah on normal it sucks, I'm 8/8H and heroic isn't any less boring than normal and here's my armory to prove I have heroic down.

    Secondly they said "EVERY AP HOLDER WILL GET IN" yet there are still people sitting here without a beta invite even though they have "Sent out all the 1.2 million AP invites." Now I got over the wave bullshit after the first two waves eluded me, but come to find out that they are still having problems getting people invites from the first wave because of the wow2 ptr bs or whatever is really happening is beyond stupid. They have had 4 weeks to get that issue taken care of. So far it has been a few days since they have said anything regarding the "lucky few" bounce backs. That leads me to believe they are taking their sweet ass time fixing it or not doing anything at all because hey a few thousand or whatever the number is out of 1.2 mill isn't so bad.....

    Thirdly none of use are bitching because we are fat,bald, and have no lives. We are bitching because there are 1.2 million people who all are paying the EXACT same amount of money for a service and not every single one of us have been given the service we were promised, maybe if D3 was out no one would give a fuck but seeing as it's a few weeks away we could be doing stuff like testing out new classes, trying out monks, or any number of things on the mop beta. Half the people will probably do nothing constructive to help Blizzard tweak the classes but here's a post I made the first week after a friend of mine was kind enough to let me play on his account for a bit when he got his invite. Just in case you felt like calling me out again.
    ^^^ my hero.
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    Still no invite

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    At long last I got my invite.

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    Finally I got my pass....

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