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    Best in slot weapon order?

    Currently rocking 403 Maw and was wondering if a heroic Vagaries would be better then this, then followed by heroic Maw. I know Vagaries is better on some fights, and Maw is better on some as well, but I mean is heroic Vagaries flat out better, or should I stick with Maw?

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    Vagaries of Time heroic is better than Maw.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FiL134 View Post
    Vagaries of Time heroic is better than Maw.
    Uh, no. It depends on your situation, but in the majority of cases that's incorrect. The heal proc from the maw is ridiculously powerful, and the only time you should consider Heroic Vagaries over Maw is for 10 man encounters where you're very spread out. If you're a 25 man raider you might as well never swap out your Maw, it's just too good.

    Also, you could try searching before asking a question like this. I'm sure this has been asked at least 10-20 times in different places of the forum.
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    I always confuse the "Priest" forum for a "Shadow Priest" forum, so I was talking from a spriest perspective.
    I suppose for disc/holy Maw will be better.

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    To be fair, if the OP is talking about shadow, then I'm sure you're correct. I imagine that's not the case though

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    Any given fight where the raid is completely spread I would say Vagaries pulls ahead. Since that limits the amount of fights in DS to nearly zero I would say Maw is going to be your best pick overall.

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    Maw is doing 3-6% of my healing, for free. If you have recount or something similar, look at how much healing it is doing for you, and ask yourself if the extra stats will make up for that loss in healing. I find it overheals a fair bit too so it's even more usefull in high dmg phases. All our healers passed on normal Vagaries in favour of RF maw for the proc. I might take HC Vagaries over RF maw once we see it drop.

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    I use Maw to Heal on my Shaman, Druid, and Priest...and it is, across the board, fantastic. The ONLY fight I usually swap out weapons for is Heroic Zon'ozz...>.>

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    Maw 403 > Vagaries 410 for basically all the fights IMO. Maybe not Hagara, depending on your raid positioning.

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    I'm Holy and I only use Maw when I'm solo healing H Ultra or doing Madness, otherwise it's Warmaster staff for sweet sweet mastery and spirit. I'll probably use 416 Maw 24/7 though if it ever drops, curse you Blade of Unmaking. Under ideal conditions maw is only 5% of my healing and on spread fights it's pretty useless.

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