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    {A} AirBorne 10m 3/8H DS LF DPS

    AirBorne is currently looking for 1 DPS, preferably ranged (ele shaman, spriest, or warlock) for our 10 man raid team. (Currently 3/8H DS)

    About us:

    Guild has been around since the end of 2007, I have been the GM since the end of BC/begining of Wrath. We were a 10 man strict guild in Wrath and have continued to be a 10 man guild in Cata and will continue on in 10 mans in MoP. We are a laid back/mature raid group.

    We have 1 raid team and we do not rotate people in, so your raid spot will be guaranteed.

    Raid Times:

    We raid Tues, Wed and Thursday from 9pm-12a est

    We are on the Server Uldaman - Alliance side

    Website : http://airborne-guild.wowstead.com/

    If you are looking for a friendly guild that has been around for a while, and likes to kill things, AirBorne is the place for you
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    Still in need of one ranged dps, come play with us

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