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    Diablo 3 Open Beta This Weekend Only!

    From Friday Apr. 20th @ 12:00pm PDT (3pm EST) till Monday Apr. 23rd @ 10am PDT (1pm EST), Blizzard will be opening their Diablo 3 Beta Servers to everyone that weren't among the lucky chosen to participate in the Closed Beta.

    Taken from Diablofans.com: http://www.diablofans.com/news/1165-open-beta-weekend/ (Official Blizzard Blue post included for proof that I'm not trollin ya's )

    Get yourself a BattleTag, download the client, and rock out some Diablo 3 Beta now while you still got time! Seeya in Sanctuary!

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    Limited play time this weekend. To I do D3 beta or TERA beta. Or laugh at blowing Cerberus troops up with my Harpoon gun.

    Damn. Some decisions need to be made.

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    What -Alcatraz- said.
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