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    Soloing Alysrazor DC issues anyone else?

    So this has happened lastweek and tonight, when flying, i DC without any lag (179ms). I have disabled all of my mods, I've tried being on a tunnel, I've tried default and deleting WTF, interface and cache folders, I've tried not using SWP (thinking shad app might be the culprit) and i still DC. I dont DC on any other bosses and i used to fly for my guild and had no problems back then. I tried flying on my feral druid and i didnt DC...I have ticketed a GM but it's a 5 day wait.

    Anyone have any ideas on what the promblem might be or any solutions?

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    Can you try it with no addons at all?

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    Weird, becouse our shadow priest too is getting DC while flying

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    Perhaps some kind of issue with flying high in a part of the zone where flying high isn't something that usually happens...

    Tried flying really low, or landing as soon as you leave the Alysrazor area?

    Also, kinda odd that it doesn't happen with another class, did you try and move to the same locations on your druid?

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    I DC any level of flying and it's happened different times during the 1st air phase, usually on the 1st lap around the room

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    Yeah been geting those aswell.

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    Unusual, not had any issue and I've done it on a mage, druid and priest now. The one thing that irks me is the way mind flay snaps the camera >.<

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    I have had Dc's this week while strafing. My friend to.

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    I DC atleast 2 times everytime we do Alysrazor sucks, sucks cuz then our mage can beat me on DPS: (

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    Ever since 4.3 all the shadow priests in my guild, including myself, DC on this fight. I don't know why.

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    When I did this fight the other day, I flew around without issue, but just at the end of the tornadoes, I DC'd. I have done the fight a couple of other times during 4.3 with no DC however.

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    Perhaps they're trying to stop shadowpriests from soloing, no fun allowed!
    [Disclaimer: I am not a blizzard employee and this is not a fact]

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