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    How to add Friend Battletag?

    Just wondering how in the world you add Ppl to friend list.And can you add ppl from Wow live?

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    You can add them by their Battletag or their battle.net email address. You can access the friends list from your main menu, bottom right corner.

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    You can add them on email agress only if you are from US realms.

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    I tried sending email with real id but none of my friends got the inv.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Velthy View Post
    You can add them on email agress only if you are from US realms.

    Ah that explain it.Eu here

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    That is not true. I'm from Europe and I've added a friend from Europe to my friends list using their email address.

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    You will not see any of your european friends if they are not attending the D3 Open Beta. I've sent an invitation to someone that is playing D3 - Worked. Sending it to someone who is just playing WoW on an european server - did not work.

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    If you're on an EU server and want to add someone from a US server, are you able to do that? Or can you only chat and add people from your servers?
    I'd have thought, given how servers seem to work, that EU can only add EU, and US can only add US, but I've not found anything anywhere that confirms or denies it, so I thought I'd ask.

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