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    Lightbulb How to Roleplay like a NERD! (Short Noob guide to Roleplay)

    Hello, and welcome to the Guide to RP! I've noticed a lot of people need help RP'ing, so here are the basic rules.

    Lore is important, and you cannot break it by any means. Say you make a Worgen Character, you can't make him the Son of Godfrey, and you can't be the bastard love child of Archimonde and Illidan. To start out, RP a race you know the most lore about, and look up some more lore if you want. If you don't know enough lore to get started, look it up.

    This can kind of go with not breaking lore, but its a totally different matter. Its fine to get creative with what race you are, but at least take the time to know if it's an actual race in WoW. So you can't be a Vampire or something. Again, look up lore before choosing a unique race.

    If you want to succeed as a RP'er, do not act like an idiot and say stuff like, "How r u". That can be for OOC (Out-Of-Character), but not IC (In-Character). If you want people to know what you're saying, speak like you would in real life. You wouldn't say, "Lets go to House".

    Pretty self-explanitory, just don't randomly do something out-of-character, and if its an accident, just say so in brackets like these, (( )).

    Trolling is common, but that doesn't mean you have to. If you don't want to troll, just follow these rules. If you WANT to troll, blatently ignore all the rules.


    - Godmodder
    The Godmodder will use emotes that either Kill you instantly, instantly block all your attacks, and claim to never die. Your character isn't invincible, and if he/she is, you might want to re-think your character.
    - The Meta-Gamer
    The Meta-Gamer will ignore the Situation at hand and just do whatever he wants. He/she will get up and leave if he/she's chained up, get up after getting stabbed multiple times, and revive himself after death.
    - The Mary Sue
    A Mary Sue is the worst type of RP'er. He/She will do everything he/she can to avoid lore or logic and just make up random stuff. He/she will do the following things:
    - Make up crazy character traits
    - Pretend they are the most important person in the universe of RP.
    - Abruptly solve unsolvable problems by any means neccecary.
    - Make their character perfect, and not make any mistakes at all.

    Last rule in this short guide. If you want to make a character that is a Jerk, fine! It's perfectly fine to have someone who is nice to everyone, or the complete opposite! Most RP'ers won't judge how your character acts, but how well they do it. Here are two examples of a RP'er who RP's a Jerk:
    Good: "Yech, what did you eat? It smells like Kodo Droppings."
    Bad: "You suck and nobody will ever love you. Ever."
    If you notice, the Good example showed more detail, while the other one just was a typical bad RP'er. If you have a fluent Character, and can speak like you would IRL, you'll be fine!

    - RP might be a bit odd at first, but if you just talk to people as if you would in real life, you'll do fine.
    - If you find a Bad RP'er, most people just wouldn't respond to them, but a good RP'er actually responds to them, but in a ((OOC)) bracket. Explain to them what they're doing wrong, and tell them in a nice way. If they get aggrivated and challenge you, just hit Ignore and never listen to him again.
    - Remember: Its all fun and games until someone logs off. If you or the person RP'ing with you logs off or goes into a dungeon during an RP, don't pretend him logging off/going into a dungeon is in the RP. It was OOC, so just pretend he/she never engaged in that conversation. If it was important, then pretend he/she just needed to leave. Don't say, "Oh no an evil wizard took *Name* and is holding him/her hostage!".

    Hope this helped!

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    Some of these are a bit helpful but we cover this and much much more in the stickies at the top of the forums and I would really like to refer any and all new or existing RP'ers to refer to them for these forums.

    Getting Started
    RP Etiquette
    And of course everything else - Other Roleplaying Threads

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