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    Lightbulb Arinite of the Grey

    Age: 22

    Appearance: Black, long hair, shoulder length. Blue eyes and slightly peach colored skin.

    Race:Human (Female)

    Class: Mage

    Likes/ Dislikes: Appreciates water and it's properties, using her magics to replicate it's flow.
    Dislikes female Cliche's (If a woman is supposed to do it, she more than likely won't do it.)


    Arinite was raised in the troubled streets of Stormwind, without parents and siblings. The retreat from Lordaeron under Teldrion of the Grey led her to the mighty city, a place filled with despair and debt. With the Scourge invasion, humanity was on the verge of collapse and hope was dwindling. Despite this, the people of Stormwind welcomed all the refugees including the Grey family. Arinite, being one of these was expected to become a great warrior of her caste. However, Arinite instead of practicing with her remaining cousins, she became attached to one of her wayward cousins Syleen of the Grey. A rogue by nature Syleen asked Arinite to question her philosophies when she began to doubt her position as a warrior. Syleen asked Arinite to look towards the horizon and to the sea, "Water can mold into any form, why can't you? If you think about it, there's no real reason you can't be something else, why not an assassin or a scout?" Arinite thought about this for days, she'd often spend time under the shade of Stormwind's trees in the park watching the fountains and her cousins spar. One day, as she watched, she overheard some wizards talking about Leylines and how to flow like water throughout them. Arinite quickly rose and approached the wizards, "Could you teach me? To be like water?" The wizards smiled, "Sorry, but you're one of the Greys. The sword is your destiny." Arinite then felt large hands plant themselves on her shoulders, "Arinite, it's time to practice." It was Teldrion. She quickly turned and screamed, "I don't want to be a warrior! I want to be like water!" Teldrion bowed towards the wizards and took Arinite away, towards the small Grey estate in the Stormwind park. The two entered the house and Teldrion asked for Arinite to take a seat. She did, expecting to be scolded. "I know you don't want to be a warrior, not a paladin, not an archer." He fondles his beard and looks towards her, "What do you want to be? You can't be water after all." Arinite looked towards the table before her in thought and dismay. Teldrion was also in thought, he took a locket from his shirt and opened it. "Arinite, did you know I had a son?" Arinite looked to the man, now almost in grief. "You had a boy?" Teldrion smiled a little, "Yes, a bouncing baby boy, we called him Darced." Arinite stared in awe at the man. Teldrion walked around the table, "He was taken when the Scourge came." He pauses, and holds the locket to his heart, "He too, wasn't meant to be a warrior, but something else. Something similar to water." Arinite's face brightened, "What was his destiny, if not the sword?" Teldrion replied, "A mage." The doors opened and Arinite and Teldrion entered the sunlight, the summer air welcomed them. Three wizards stood before them, and the Grey family stood around them, eager to hear their explanation for disrupting their practice. "Is this the girl you mentioned?" Teldrion nodded to the wizard. He nudges Arinite to approach them; she does so and presents herself with a bow. "Come with us young Arinite, we sense potential in you."
    Arinite trained with the wizards of Stormwind and learned to use frost magics; she became adept in using the flow of the Leylines and became a very fast and formidable war mage. She would grow to serve in the Outlands, Northrend and in Tol Borad. She and Syleen remain good friends, both reminding one another that cliches are meant for those like rock, not water. You must always be like water, able to adapt and renew.
    However, a great shock would befall her when Teldrion was killed in battle against a Forsaken wizard. She has now dedicated herself to hunting down the sorcerer responsible, "You and your son will be avenged."

    Since: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...Open-RP/page16

    Arinte lead the Alliance forces into Northrend after the Forsaken but ran into many difficulties. After pursuing the Forsaken into the Forge of Souls the Alliance gunship was destroyed by Scourge forces and she was forced to act on her own. After silently making her way throughout the Forge of Souls Arinite overheard the Voice of Sylvanas speaking of ressurecting Kel'Thuzad and deciding she had to beat him to the antechamber. She was successful and confronted the Voice who held in his hands an amulet her adopted father Teldrion wore before he was killed. Revealing he was Darced she recognized him to be the lost son of Teldrion, the former head of the Alliance Grey family. In a rage she attacked Darced, but he proved to powerful and resilient. She was frozen and watched in horror as he transformed into a lich. She escaped the ice during the ritual and swiftly summoned a portal to Stormwind to warn her people of the new threat on the horizon.
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