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    Cool The Greys [Faction]

    Leaders: The leadership is handled by the people below, they may seek consult from other members.

    Alliance: Aldean of the Grey (See Bio)

    Horde: Causis the Tainted (See Bio)

    Populace: 200 core members

    Control Centers:

    Alliance: Stormwind (Grey Estate that is now in Old Town)

    Horde: Strahnbrad (Original Grey Estate)

    Alignments: Both are neutral depending on situations

    All characters are invited, regardless of backgrounds or titles (except for demons and Scourge)

    The Grey family has served as one of the finest caste of warriors in all of Azeroth. A proud tradition of honor and duty has been displayed countless times by these brave men and women. For centuries they served as Lordaeron's fist against many foes; Trolls, rival kingdoms and more recently the Orcish Horde. However, not even they could withstand the undead Scourge for long. Ever since, the Grey family has been split, those who have survived now serve the Alliance under the strong and ruthless warrior Aldean of the Grey. Those that died against the undead have been raised into walking corpses that show the same commitment to the Forsaken as they did to Lordaeron in life. Causis the Tainted, a seasoned paladin leads these souls in hopes of restoring the family in the name of the Forsaken. The Greys now hunt one another, on battlefields and beyond, aiming to restore their family glory in name of their factions. Because of this both sides have begun to invite those of the Alliance and the Horde to join their ranks. Spellcasters, once greatly distrusted by the Grey family have begun to become more and more accepted. The same can be said about non-humans, Worgen, Night Elves, Orcs and all other races are now invited to join the battle. Who will you become? Who will you join? The Grey Family awaits your talents, your experiences and are eager to witness your mettle and cunning. Come, prove yourselves!

    The War of the Greys Saga:

    1) War of the Greys: Forge of Souls


    2) War of the Greys: Alterac


    3) War of the Greys: Lordaeron


    4) War of the Greys: Aegwynn's Vengeance

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    Awesome! Love more factions being created but may I suggest taking a look here: Factions. It details how we handle creating factions here.

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