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    MOP Beta: Random Shadowbolts during fighting

    I have observed, that there are some "Shadowbolts" coming out of my Char during Fights.

    They target random nearby Mobs and they do attack me afterwards.

    Does anyone know what Spell does this? Because in Instances with nearby Trash Groups its relatively dangerous...

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    Do you have a premade 85 priest ? If so does it come with that trinket from DS that does the aoe ? That could explain it.

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    Premade character, cunning of the cruel? heard it shoots shadowbolt volleys but don't have any casters myself so never noticed.

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    Cunning of the Cruel does indeed pull mobs you haven't engaged and it does look like small shadow bolts. When I was questing on beta, I swapped it out for another trinket, because it kept pulling stuff around me. I wasn't ever overwhelmed, but the spawn rates are high, and when you just want to turn in a completed kill quest, it's annoying to keep having to kill more to drop out of combat and get away.

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    Jap I have CoC , thanks for the tip, I did indeed miss that ;-)

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