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    6/8 DS But Have Title Affliction Warlock LF Weekend Raiding Guild

    Character Details

    Name: Currently Cles
    Class: Warlock
    Spec: Affliction
    Professions: 525 Tailoring/Enchanting
    Alternate Characters you may be contacted on: joshuascrudder at yahoo for realid
    Played Time (At 85 and overall; /played in-game command):62 days 14 hours at 85 atm, 216 days 16 hours total
    Raiding Addons Used: DBM
    Personal Details
    Name: Josh Scrudder
    Age: 31
    Available Raid times: (pacific standard)
    Tuesday – Thursday: 1800-2100
    Friday: 1800-Whenever
    Saturday – Monday: All Day

    Experience and Knowledge

    Raiding Experience: T11 content full normal clear, 1/12 heroic. Firelands 6/7. DS full normal clear.

    If you're a hybrid class what is your alt spec?: N/A

    Prior Guilds: OMG WE RAID (Name changed guild to: Raid Against The Machine(Malygos Server))

    Why did you leave your previous guild?
    I am still a Co-GM of Raid Against The Machine. Our guild doesnt need a Warlock so it is useless as a raider.
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    Hi mate Departed is an 8/8H 25m guild recruiting for their 10m Alt run during the weekend.

    We are currently forming our 10m alt run and plan on having it be a solid easy going progression based weekend raid.

    I would be interested in talking to you. Weekend raid times are currently being discussed. If this is something that would interest you drop me a line.

    The server runs on EST times

    Real ID [email protected]

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