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    ASUS G74SX or Alieware M17 Gameing Laptop anyone with experience pls advise

    Time for a new gaming laptop, I've narrowed it down to two choices and they're about the same price so that isnt a big factor. Looking to see if anyone has any personal experience or if anyone can see a big difference between the two as I dont really know squat when it comes to computers other than how to turn it on and get whatever game I'm playing running. I'm assumming both will be able to run BF3/WoW/D3 on max settings without any problems. I've got a seperate computer for internet/office so this will only be for gameing.

    First option is the alieware M17 - I like the look of this one, but the reviews are mixed, it looks like people either love it, or they get one with problems and hate it.


    Next is an ASUS G74SX - great reviews and I've had some experience with an ASUS in the past and it was great.


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    Your links are broken but I think I found the correct ones.

    First thing that stuck out to me was the list weight of the alienware is 10 pounds more than the asus!

    EDIT: working links



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    Asus definitely, probably more so because I love the brand...and have just never heard anything good about dell
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