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    Ret pally pvp - Trinkets

    I just got the raid finder Creche of the final dragon and i was wondering for non human ret pally would it be better then the use resil trinket and taking in consideration that i am going for crit and not mastery.

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    For PvP you mainly need crit and the off heal WoG talents. So go with the on use str trinket and the freedom trinket if your'e not human.

    If human you should go with:

    Always use the on use str trinket, alternatives are the following

    1. Bone link fetish
    2. Eye of unmaking
    3. Creche of the final dragon
    4. Apparatus HC
    5. Str proc resil trinket

    On my human ret I'm using the on use and eye of unmaking. Allthough, the bone link is fucking godlike for extra opener burst.

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    I'd stick with the on use. Mainly for the resilience it gives (Assuming you're using 2 set for more holypower). The LFR version isn't that great.

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