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    CENARIUS [A] 8/8 1/8H 10m DS guild recruiting!

    Current Needs:
    1 DPS

    - and -

    1 Tank, with DPS OS

    - or -

    1 Healer, with DPS OS

    Please have decent gear, some raid awareness, and the ability to show up and participate regardless of *what* we raid that night.

    Raid Schedule:
    6:30-9:30 PM server, Tuesday—Thursday.

    Invites begin at 6:20 server, and first pull is at 6:30.Depending on attendance, we spend 2 days working on DS and Heroic encounters, and the 3rd day working on completing guild legendaries/casual raiding (for fun).

    Raid requirements:
    fully gemmed, fully enchanted, profession bonuses utilized DBM, or fight knowledge, Mumble

    Main toon+spec > Alt/Off spec

    Additional Information

    Guild Culture:
    We are a very friendly and laid back guild that's been around four years now, with a core group of long term members. While we keep it clean, mostly... sometimes someone will say something completely over the line... and the kiddies should have some earmuffs. Maturity and the ability to not be offended is a must. If you are offended by jokes, or off color jokes, or the occasional f bomb, we probably aren't the guild for you. If you like to have a good time in Mumble, and can think on your feet with something witty to combat the "what the hell was that?" kind of comments, you'll probably fit right in!We aren’t an elitist guild, however we don’t enjoy hours spent wiping in raids and racking up repair bills purposelessly. We expect as much effort as we do social interaction. We do try to include people in activities as much as possible. We will on a whim run legacy raids for lulz/mounts/achievements. Alts are welcome.

    Trial Period:
    During a 2 week "trial period", we will invite your main only, and will be evaluating your invitation to the guild based on several factors including raid and guild participation, effort, and social interaction.

    Feel free to message a Euphemism officer in game.
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    Bump this post. Come join us!

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