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    [Music] The 1st albums you ever bought

    This should make for some fun/embarassing stories!

    The 1st albums I EVER bought, were these 2 on the same day when I was 12

    Haha! Ahhh nostalgia, remember MTVs TRL? Thats where I had heard those and bought them

    My 1st LEGIT, not embarassing album was this one, not very long after those embarassing ones

    I had 1st heard AFI in Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3, and went out and bought their album as a result. I can still enjoy this album to this day.

    So post your 1st albums, don't lie! Post it no matter how embarassing it is like I did!

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    Ride the lightning by metallica

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    The Mighty Mighty Bosstones - The Impression That I Get

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    Mechagnome Pilkie's Avatar
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    On cassette of course!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Badluckandtrouble View Post
    Ride the lightning by metallica
    Were you a kid when it came out? Or what

    Thats a pretty legit album for a 1st ever in life :P
    Quote Originally Posted by Pilkie View Post

    On cassette of course!
    If I'm recalling right I remember my brothers was

    But I like, took it from him and listened to it a zillion times... either that or it actually was mine, not totally sure

    One of these days they're going to be up to like NOW 942

    What was your 1st that wasn't a compilation though?
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    My big bro used to pay for my albums.
    The first album i ever paid was Theatre of Tragedy, Velvet Darkness They Fear.

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    ...And Justice For All - Metallica

    Not when it first came out, but in like 1991 or so. "One" was just the most badass song in the world to me at the time. I have a feeling this thread is going to make me feel pretty old.

    “All statements within these quotation marks are untrue.”

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    kill em all metallica

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    Dire Straits ---- Brother's in arms

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    Back Street Boys first album.


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    Nirvana's Nevermind. Heard it at a friend's house, loved it, bought it a few days later... and then a few days after that I heard on an MTV News segment (do they still do those at the top of every hour? I hope so..) that Kurt Kobain killed himself.

    Coincidence..? lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pilkie View Post

    On cassette of course!
    wut..? you sure it's that one? I had NOW! 8 and it was on CD

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    The first album I was given. (I was 5 years old at the time), Ye aI dont know why, I think I used to sing along to her songs when I was little, not that it was hard with songs like "I should be so lucky" xD

    First album I broguth myself was, Queen: A Night At The Opera, I became a huge fan at 13 years old thanks to my mom who had their greatest hits which I borrowed, I saved up my pocket money and this was the first album I broguth by them and fell it love with them, got got all their albums in 9 months

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pancunchi View Post
    wut..? you sure it's that one? I had NOW! 8 and it was on CD
    Even the NOW 4 I was saying me and my brother had was on a CD lol, so IDK he might be trolling/joking

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    first album i ever bought was oasis album whats the story morning glory back in 96, brilliant album! even to this day a timeless classic.

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    Hmmm.. the first album I ever bought with my own cashmoneydollars was... Toxicity, System of a Down, I think.

    I have no idea what the first album I was ever given by my parents to me was, though. I think it was actually an album of classical music...

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    Now that I think about it, I have never bought music.

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    Heart's Greatest hits album. In 1994

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    The very first album that I bought? This is really embarrasing for me. I'm 18 years old and the very first album that I bought was Sounds of a Playground Fading - In Flames, before one of their concerts this very winter. I got it signed so I guess it's not so bad =P

    My father and I used to share music taste (Iron Maiden, Metallica etc) so I took his albums, and I might have borrowed some from... erhm... Friends... on the internet...

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    With my own money? This:

    I think I was about 12ish.

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