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    mystery titles

    back when the MMO-champion titles changed from junior member, senior member, etc, Bibi posted a list of the new titles. the intriguing part about that list was that at the bottom there were 2 or 3 ?????? with mystery titles. it wasn't shown what title that was, and in 1 case what post count you would need for that title. but it was somewhere really high, around 10,000 posts or something like that. I remember reading a thread that mentioned that the only people who were even close to that post count already had custom titles, and therefore couldn't really show it.

    my question is: does anyone currently have enough post count to have one of those titles?
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    ????? The Insane
    ????? The Unstoppable Force
    ????? Merely a Setback

    I believe the highest posters are currently moderators, so the regular titles don't show. You'll have to wait for Genn Greymane or Alcatraz_ to get there.

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    Actually, -Alcatraz- hit 15.000 and got The Insane recently.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Treeston View Post
    Actually, -Alcatraz- hit 15.000 and got The Insane recently.
    Damn. I got a feeling I post in shitloads of threads sometimes, but that guy, holy shit. 0.o

    EDIT: I agree with v that guy, haha.
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    Since there are mystery titles, are custom titles still given out by bibi?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Suggestions & Feedback FAQ View Post
    Q: Can I get a custom title?
    A: Not by asking. Custom titles usually just.. happen.
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