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    Also will the DE's in GW2 change within the same area? Example say you were defending a mill, once you defend that mill will that continue to be the DE at the mill or will there be another DE to play off of what you did there the first time?
    There was a hints page that I'm too lazy to link, but after completing a DE, wait around the NPC's involved for a bit to see if something new starts up. If you don't get a new one in like 3-4 minutes, then you can assume that was the final event in that chain and go somewhere else.

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    Thanks for the link granpy, I still haven't gotten my email so I'm just clicking yours.
    I still aint had my email yet. If not for that link in the sticky above i would be well pissed off. I had to leave the bugger downloading all night as it was only going at 90-150kbs.
    This is the tale not of the Horde as it exists today, a loose organization of orc,tauren,forsaken,troll, and blood elf, but of the rise of the very first Horde. Its birth, like that of any infant, was marked by blood and pain, and its harsh cries for life meant death to its enemies.

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