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    Retribution Paladins and Gurthalak, Voice of the Deeps

    Is it only me or is the proc rate really that ridiculously bad for Retribition Paladins. I got the sword earlier today and went to try it out on the target dummy.
    After 5-6 mins, got bored there after, I didn't get a single proc. Not "ONE".

    Anyone else in the same boat? It is kinda underwhelming for one the best 2-H swords in the raid.

    I mean it can't be that bad?

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    It really depends on pure RNG. There are times when you get a ton of tentacles at the same time, and times when you get nothing.

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    I can never get them to pop on the Dummy, but they seem to be up at least 1 anyway at all times when im raiding and such.

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    I've find that it doesn't proc when you're -waiting- and -watching- it to proc. If you just go about your normal business, it shows up sometimes, but since you're not keeping track, it doesn't feel as bad.

    It's for people who like RNG on their RNG. I use it just because it's something fresh.

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