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    Wow, the warrior set is more boring than crafted, green plate. The shoulders must really be special to make this work.
    I like how the idea behind the mage set is to combine warlock, druid, shaman and Las Vegas

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    Have they fixed the god damn crashes yet? Or is it only on EU server we get them??

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    mage set is god awful ugly

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    Warrior set looks lame and no effort put in what is it ment to look like? ffs kick those so called devs that are working on warriors already.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aberration View Post
    Ele shaman set piece bonus is meh. =/
    Meh? It is one of the better set bonus out there.
    Spell steal gives wings and Working As Intended

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    The mage set looks so... Twisted... I love it *O*

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    Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
    Block - New: Gives a chance to block enemy melee attacks.

    Pfft, nothing new there. Shamans have always had the ability to block with a shield, just ask my resto shaman.

    Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
    Item - Shaman T14 Elemental 2P Bonus - New: Increases the damage done by your Lightning Bolt spell by 5%.
    Item - Shaman T14 Elemental 4P Bonus - New: Your Rolling Thunder ability now grants 2 Lightning Shield charges each time it triggers.
    Item - Shaman T14 Enhancement 2P Bonus - New: Increases the damage done by your Lava Lash ability by 15%.
    Item - Shaman T14 Enhancement 4P Bonus - New: Increases the critical strike chance bonus from your Stormstrike ability by an additional 15%.
    Item - Shaman T14 Restoration 2P Bonus - New: Reduces the mana cost of your Greater Healing Wave spell by 10%.
    Item - Shaman T14 Restoration 4P Bonus - New: Your Tidal Waves ability now grants 1 additional charges each time it is triggered.

    Elemental bonuses are decent, enhancement is boring, and resto looks interesting. Not too terrible for the starting tier, but wish it could be better.
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    I totally agree 110 percent

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