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    [H] Dark Scion 5/8 Heroic LF Tank+Resto Druid

    <Dark Scion>
    Server: Quel'Dorei
    Raid times are Tuesday,Thursday and Sunday @ 9:30-12:30 (EST)
    Currently as a guild we are 5/8 Heroic Dragon Soul and 6/7 Heroic Firelands.

    A Little About Us:

    <Dark Scion> is a newly formed guild composed of many real life and in game friends who wanted to all play together. Our members are roughly between 18-25 years old. We aim to keep our raid team as close and rounded to 10 people so 90%+ attendance is required. As a guild we had a late start on FL but we were able to achieve 6/7 heroic in just under 2 weeks, with members never seeing the content before. As a guild we challenge ourselves to be the best we can while have a fun time together. We do have some funny and crude humor that happens in raids at times so if your not easily offended and looking for a great guild, with great players and great personality than we might be a good fit for you

    What we offer you:

    - Provide flasks and food
    - Guild repairs
    - A guild full of friends and raiders alike looking to compete in raiding.
    - A loot system based off of Suicide Kings

    Currently Recruiting

    Strong range dps
    Holy Pally
    Resto Druid
    Prot Pally w/ dps OS
    Prot Warrior w/ dps OS
    Feral Druid *Tank* w/ dps OS

    If you're interested you can apply on our site: Darkscion.guildlaunch.com
    You can contact me in game via realID: [email protected]
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    We have a few more positions available for core spots!

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