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    There is no cow level. But will be a mushroom level.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Plarparian View Post
    let us be cereal for a moment. do you honestly believe that with all the hype around the cow level in d2, that blizzard will not include something similar in d3?

    Like a sir!
    Surely hope they will :$
    I thought I did, but apparently I don't

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    If there's a pony level I swear to god I'll kill myself and take as many people I can with me
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    Quote Originally Posted by dahmer View Post
    Wonder what all the bronies are going to say when people make videos with thousands and thousands of ponies slaughtered in D3
    Personally, I will laugh.

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    Dude in that video says, "Maybe we'll just cut it due to lack of [player] interest." We're getting a zombie cow level.
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    I can't be just a pony level.

    It has to be a My Little Pony level, for all the bronies.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cairhiin View Post
    I seriously hope there isn't a cow level. While fun for the first few times, it offered little to no real gameplay.
    it is not about gameplay, it is something fun and i cant come up with anything more fun then that to do something so random as a cow level

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    Ponies with tentacle maws!

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    Quote Originally Posted by HatsHatsHats View Post
    If there's a pony level I swear to god I'll kill myself and take as many people I can with me
    No idea why people still think it's a horse level. The models were jokingly named that to mess with dataminers / poke fun at their old 'logo' for Diablo3. The models the names were tied to were completely different.

    Hopefully, though, the Cow level will be accessible unlimitedly once the conditions are met rather than locking itself if you knock-off the leader.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sillabear View Post
    There's a pony level. Surely that is kind of the same thing.
    That would be a masterpiece of trolling if it were true. But then, you know what they say about things 'too good to be true'...

    Quote Originally Posted by Sydänyö View Post
    I can't be just a pony level.

    It has to be a My Little Pony level, for all the bronies.

    If it contains pastel-coloured, equine-shaped creatures, the allusion will be clear regardless the name.
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    Mined from the

    7318 TentacleHorse (Deleted in version 7318)
    1 TentacleHorse Rainbow Western
    7318 TentacleHorse_A Pink Rainbow Western
    1 TentacleHorse_A_Unique_01 Midnight Sparkle
    7728 TentacleHorse_A_Unique_02 Maulin Sorely
    7728 TentacleHorse_A_Unique_03 Miss Hell
    7728 TentacleHorse_A_Unique_04 Killaire
    7728 TentacleHorse_A_Unique_05 R'Lyeh
    7318 TentacleHorse_B Purple Rainbow Western
    1 TentacleHorse_B_Unique Nightmarity
    1 TentacleHorse_B_Unique_01 Nightmarity
    7318 TentacleHorse_C_Unique_01 Princess Stardust
    7318 TentacleHorse_Fat_A Chubby Pink Unicorn
    7728 TentacleHorse_Fat_A_Unique_01 Creampuff
    7318 TentacleHorse_Fat_B Chubby Purple Unicorn
    7318 TentacleLord Ghost of the Cow King

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    Early datamining found a 'Secret Bovine Wundercave' and 'Angry Cow'.
    Secret_Cow Angry Cow
    There's also a constructable item they found that hints at being the new Wirt's Leg.

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    Oh the memories of getting slaughtered by millions of cows wielding giant axes while hearing that excellent voice acting.

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    I bet it`s a secret panda level.

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    What is cowlvl..? yeah. noob here.

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